All About Nose Splints And Why You May Need Them

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All About Nose Splints And Why You May Need Them

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  • Category: Rhinoplasty

  • Approved by: Dr. Shokrzadeh

Rhinoplasty splints or nose splints are two silicone or aluminum devices placed either inside or outside the patient’s nose after a nose surgery. Their functionality is to help patient’s nose maintain its new shape. Regardless of being internal or external, applying nose splints is one of the important steps of post-operative cares which speeds up the recovery process.

rhinoplasty nose splints after a nose job

Nasal splints are integral part of a rhinoplasty!

What is the difference between internal and external nasal splint types?

There are two types of nose splints. Depending on the nasal surgery, internal or external splints are recommended by the doctor. An internal splint is placed into the nasal cavities. An external splint, which is more common, is attached to the nose by a tape.

Internal nose splints

Internal nose splints

external nasal splints

external nose splints

What surgeries need nose splints?

There are two main nasal surgeries that require nose splints, rhinoplasty and septoplasty. Rhinoplasty is a nasal surgery which is concerned with either beauty or functionality (or both) of a nose. For this type of surgery, both internal and external splints are applied. Septoplasty is the correction of the cartilage between two nasal cavities, named nasal septum. Internal splints are needed after septoplasty.

Nose Job Packages

Surgery + Hotel + Visa
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Nose Job Packages

Surgery + Hotel + Visa
Transfer + Interpreter

Why are nose splints used?

After nose surgeries, the shape and size of septum, nose, or nostrils change. As they need a special time to maintain their new shape and size, nasal splints are used to protect nose’s new shape and immobilize bones. Although you should be fully aware of the fragility of your nose after the surgery, in case of an accident, splints would protect your nose from possible injuries. They would hold nose’s bones in place to prevent possible changes to the shape of the nose.

nasal splints

What are the benefits of nose splints?

  • They prevent the development of hematomas. Internal splints keep a distance between nose skin and its bones at the same time. This distance leaves no room for the pockets of blood, which are called hematomas.
  • They help you breathe better after the surgery by loosening the nasal cavities and opening the airway.
  • They control bleeding.
  • They minimize swelling.
  • They cause no pain.
  • They are temporary and removable.

When should I have my nose splints removed?

Depending on the surgery, internal and external splints’ duration varies. Normal duration for external splints is 2 weeks and you can have an internal nasal splint removal in 3 to 7 days.

How to take care of your nose splints

As using nasal splints is itself a step in rhinoplasty post-operative cares, there are no specific requirements for it. For having a better and easier experience and avoiding crustiness, it is better for you to utilize a saline nasal spray in the nostrils. Be gentle with your nose until it is the right time to visit your doctor and remove your nose splints.

nose splints

How to take care of your nose splints?

What are common side effects and risks of nose splints?

Nasal splints are not risky. There are a few complications as mentioned below:

  • Discomfort
  • They may become coated
  • They may become loose
  • Their removal may cause a strange feeling, but there would be no pain.

You May Like to See Before & After Photos of Rhinoplasty

You May Like to See Before & After Photos of Rhinoplasty

Nose splints used in Iran

As cosmetic surgeries are popular and trending among Iranians, there are special professionals performing nose surgeries in this country. There are well-equipped clinics all around Iran in different cities, like Tehran, Isfahan, Shiraz, Tabriz, Mashhad, and Kish Island. As beauty is truly cherished in Iran, nose surgeries are performed with special cares and precision. Therefore, Iranian rhinoplasty surgeon use the best nose splint brands that are of the highest quality.

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