When & How Can I Wear Makeup After Rhinoplasty?

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  • Approved by: Dr. Shokrzadeh

When & How Can I Wear Makeup After Rhinoplasty?

  • Reading Time: 4 Min

  • Category: Rhinoplasty

  • Approved by: Dr. Shokrzadeh

Rhinoplasty or nose job is a plastic surgery that is performed to change the shape of the nose. Patients have rhinoplasty to treat their breathing problems, to change the looks of their nose or for both reasons sometimes.

To get the results you desire, you need to wait for few weeks after the surgery to make sure that your nose will recover well from the surgery. The swelling that would appear after nose job can be annoying to some patients making them think of covering it with make-up. However, many of them might ask, “can I wear makeup after rhinoplasty?” in addition to “when can I wear makeup after a rhinoplasty?” and “how to apply makeup after rhinoplasty?” if yes. This article is for answering these questions and others.

a woman applying makeup after rhinoplasty

When & How can I apply makeup after my nose surgery?

Key Facts:

  • Having open or close nose surgery matters in the issue of how soon can you wear makeup after rhinoplasty.
  • You can apply makeup sooner if you have undergone a closed rhinoplasty.
  • Be aware to let your skin breathe by using cosmetics that does not clot your pores after rhinoplasty.
  • Be extra clean and gentle with your skin while putting and removing makeup after nose surgery.
  • Applying makeup on the surgery site is forbidden during the recovery period.
  • You are free to apply makeup after 24 hours of having non-surgical nose job. However, you need to be very clean and gentle in this case, too.

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Nose Job Packages

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When to put makeup after rhinoplasty?

The period of time you have to wait before you can start applying make-up after rhinoplasty depends on few factors, the most important of which is the type of rhinoplasty. Therefore, we will distinguish between wearing makeup after closed and open rhinoplasty in the following subsections.

Make-up after closed rhinoplasty

During closed rhinoplasty, the surgeon will make the incisions inside the nose. This will result in no external wounds, less swelling and shorter recovery period. If you have had a closed rhinoplasty, you would be able to put make-up after few days following the surgery. Just keep in mind that a cast would be applied on your nose and you need to keep the cast dry.

Make-up after open rhinoplasty

The period you would have to wait before wearing makeup after open rhinoplasty is usually longer. Some surgeons advise waiting for about a month or 2 months before you start applying makeup. However, many specialists say that you can apply makeup after removing the stitches. Just keep in mind that you should avoid applying makeup on the incision location.

a woman weraing makeup after rhinoplasty

When can I wear makeup after a rhinoplasty?

How to put makeup after nose job surgery?

Putting makeup on after rhinoplasty may require special care. Always remember that your skin gets more sensitive after the surgery, so you should take care to avoid any damage to get the desired results.

Cleanliness is the key when it comes to applying makeup after rhinoplasty

When you put makeup after nose job surgery, make sure everything is clean. Make sure that your skin is cleaned before putting makeup and use clean brushes.

Be very gentle when applying and removing makeup

You must apply and remove makeup very gently after rhinoplasty. Adding more pressure to your face when putting on makeup can irritate the wounds and slow down the healing process.

Choose cosmetics that will not block your pores

It is important to avoid having clogged pores after rhinoplasty. Since some kinds of makeup can clog your pores, try to choose the right cosmetics. Avoid using powders, blushes and some foundations to let your skin breathe properly and heal.

Do not apply make up on the surgery site

When you start wearing makeup after rhinoplasty, be careful and try to keep the makeup away from the surgery site. Makeup and some cosmetics can irritate the incisions and lead to infection, which prevents proper healing and having desired results in addition to be dangerous on your overall health.

a woman applying cosmetics and putting makeup after her nose job

How can I put makeup after nose job surgery?

Can I wear makeup after non-surgical nose job?

Nonsurgical nose job procedures are less invasive than surgical rhinoplasty. However, attention must be paid concerning when and how to put makeup after them. It is recommended that makeup must not be applied until 24 hours after nonsurgical nose job while being very clean and gentle putting and removing makeup in the first few days.

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The Bottom Line

Rhinoplasty enhances your facial features’ appearance and so does makeup. However, you cannot apply makeup during the early recovery period after rhinoplasty. In addition, understanding when and how to wear makeup after nose surgery is crucial for your recovery process. Furthermore, you need to pay extra attention to choose suitable cosmetics that allow your skin to breathe under it after rhinoplasty.

If you still have concerns about wearing makeup after rhinoplasty, just contact us to have your question answered. Our health-care specialists are 24/7 available.

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