Brow Lift Surgery – Eyebrow and forehead lift surgery: Eyebrows are among the top most prominent features that directly affect the facial beauty. Unfortunately, there are several factors that cause frown lines, wrinkling across forehead, sagging and droopiness of eyebrows, and excess skin or fatty tissue hanging over eyes. These factors are as follows:

• aging (as one grows older, the skin begins to lose its elasticity.)
• excessive exposure to sunlight
• certain illnesses
• pull of gravity

Forehead wrinkles make you look older, tired, angry, or sad.

Fortunately, there are a number of simple surgeries that help you get rid of these unpleasant facial expressions, look younger, happier, and more confident.

Types of brow lift surgeries

There are different brow-lift methods, with different length incisions in different locations. A brow lift surgery or forehead lift surgery, repositions the brows and smooths and tightens the skin as well. There are three common methods to do so, including:

• open (classic) procedure
• endoscopic forehead lift, and
• limited incision technique

During your consultation, your surgeon takes your age, skin type, skin laxity, ethnic background, degree of brow droop, and your desired results into consideration to select the most suitable method.

Open eyebrow lift

Your surgeon makes a long incision across the forehead, either around the hairline or in one of the wrinkles of the forehead, and then lifts the skin. Then he/she removes any excess skin, and pulls the remaining skin together, and then stiches the brow.

Endoscopic eyebrow lift

Your surgeon makes several tiny incisions in the scalp and then inserts an endoscope in the scalp. The endoscopic technique may not be similarly advantageous for all patients.

Limited incision technique

This hybrid technique is non-endoscopic with limited number of incisions. The surgeon elevates the outside part of the eyebrows with a special method without using an endoscope. The resulting scars are concealed in the temporal hairline.

The surgery takes between 1 to 2 hours under general anesthesia, depending on the type of the surgery. The type of brow lift surgery you may undergo, depends on your facial features and aesthetic preferences.

The goal of the surgery team is to satisfy you with the most beautiful, symmetrical, and natural looking result. The surgeon will choose the most suitable way that leaves the least scars.

It is noteworthy that in case a forehead lift does not improve baggy eyelids, you may also need eyelid surgery (known as blepharoplasty).

brow lift surgery

before and after brow lift surgery

What to do before a brow lift surgery?

• You need to stop smoking at least 6 weeks before the surgery, as it slows the healing process

• You need to limit alcohol consumption.

• You need to stop taking aspirin.

• Hydration is very important.

• You may want to grow your hair long in order to cover the scars after the surgery.

• Prepare an ice pack to reduce after-surgery swelling.

Brow lift surgery recovery and post-care

You may feel uncomfortable or notice a feeling of tightness in your forehead after the surgery. Here we recommend simple but useful ways for your convenience after the surgery.

• Ice or cold packs around the eyes for 48 hours reduce the swelling.

• Drink lots of water and fluids.

• It is recommended that you sleep with your head up for almost 5 days.

• Bathing is permitted the day after the surgery.

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Plastic Surgery archived questions and answers

Q1: Are the scars visible after face lift surgery?


No. The scars are well concealed around the natural curves of the ear. So you will enjoy a natural look without any visible scars.

Q2: Will the result of face lift surgery be natural?


As we concentrate on correcting the droops, without overtightening the skin, you will enjoy a great natural look.

Q3: How long does a face lift surgery take?


It takes about three hours, and is done under general anesthesia

Q4: Is the result of face lift surgery permanent?


Provided that you not significantly gain or lose weight in the future, yes. It should also be noted that you cannot stop the process of aging that of course has an effect on all your body, and your face is not an exception. But you will always see the benefits of your face lift for good.

Q5: Is a mini face lift really effective?


Mini face lift is becoming increasingly common. Your plastic surgeon may decide that you need a mini face lift in case you have minimal skin laxity on your neck. The procedure does give a lift to the sagging skin, though it is not completely like a full face lift.

Q6: Is neck lift surgery suitable if one plans to lose weight?


Patients who plan to lose a significant amount of weight, are common candidates for neck lift surgery. Because a lot of excess skin will be left behind in their face and neck. The important thing is that they should wait until their weight has been stable for 6 months.

Q7: Are the result of neck lift long lasting?


It is estimated that the result last up to 10 years. If the patient protects the skin from sun damage and maintains a healthy lifestyle, the length of the neck lift result will be extended.

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