Rhinoplasty”, also  known as “nose job”, is a plastic surgery for reconstructing the nose form. Most patients are willing to get rhinoplasty to solve their health problems which affect their breathing or for aesthetic reasons. However, a prevalent concern for patients after rhinoplasty (nose surgery) is whether they should avoid sunglasses or glasses after rhinoplasty or it does not have any bad effect on their nose.

sunglasses or glasses after rhinoplasty

glasses after Rhinoplasty

Some people believe that glasses can be worn before the splint is removed (a week after rhinoplasty), because, its hard surface would prevent any changes in the nose’s shape. But, after removing the splint, it is highly recommended to avoid wearing glasses or sunglasses particularly plastic-framed glasses (which would rest all the way over the top of the nose) for six weeks after surgery. It has negative impact on the result of nose surgery. Since the nose is still soft, the weight of glasses after rhinoplasty would press the healing nasal bones and therefore, deform the shape of nose. It is also suggested that patients should avoid long-term use of glasses till around 6 months after surgery. Bu this is not most doctors’ opinion as believe that avoiding glasses for 4-6 weeks after rhinoplasty would be sufficient.

During the recovery period, many patients are unable to see without corrective glasses. Many of them are not willing to use lenses and some might have allergy to such lenses. Thus, a possible solution for  patients with poor vision is to tape their glasses to their forehead. This will secure the glasses and prevent the nose from deformation. Therefore, patients are able to use their glasses while driving or doing their daily activities after rhinoplasty. In addition, there are “ultra-light glasses” with small pads to use after surgery without affecting the nose recovery.

All in all, discuss the issue with your doctor both before and after your surgery. A well-informed surgeon will definitely be better that an uninformed one.  Also follow your doctor’s instructions during the recovery period so that the healing process does not slow down and you gets back to normal life as soon as possible.

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