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Hair transplant in Iran… No one can deny the inseparable relation between hair and beauty. Nevertheless, there are some factors, including heredity, hormone imbalance, radio therapy, and etc. that cause hair loss. With today’s highly skillful Iranian surgeons, performing numerous cosmetic and medical surgeries with a significant rate of success, there is no need to worry for those who want to enjoy a more pleasing look with attractive hair.

Hair transplant is a common surgical procedure performed to obtain this goal, that is to fill areas with thin or no hair. Simply put, hair follicles are moved from a part of the body, called “donor site”, to a bald or balding part, called “recipient site”. Mainly it treats male pattern baldness, and it also can be applied for beard, mustache, and eyebrow transplant.

There are three main techniques for performing hair transplant. They include Follicular Isolation Technique (FIT), Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE), and Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT) also known as Follicular Unit Strip Surgery (FUSS).

The procedure is performed in the surgeon’s office under local anesthesia. Depending on the patient’s condition and medical history, the surgeons chooses the best technique that leads to the best possible result. The surgeon may also combine two techniques to achieve the most optimal result.

Different techniques of hair transplant are elaborately explained as follows.


FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction)

In Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE), each hair follicle is removed from the scalp, or anywhere such as legs or beard or face, without removing a strip of tissue. In this method no scar is left, and the healing process is quicker. The procedure takes about eight hours, and the healing process takes only a few days. It is also noted that FUE looks more natural than any other type of hair transplant techniques. It should be noted that the only difference between FIT and FUE is the extraction or isolation tool for removing the follicular unit graft. To achieve the best result, the two techniques can be combined.


FIT (Follicular Isolation Technique)

Follicular Isolation Technique (FIT) is another common technique in hair transplant. This technique is mainly ideal for patients who want to keep their hair short. In this technique, follicles are isolated in the donor areas, and then they are placed into tiny incisions in the recipient site. The whole procedure may take at most up to ten hours. It is noted that the only difference between FIT and FUE is the extraction or isolation tool for removing the follicular unit graft. To achieve the best result, the two techniques can be combined


Combination of FIT and FUT

A combination of FIT and FUT can also be used for hair transplant. This method is used in patients with extensive baldness. In this method, FIT and FUT are used at the same time, and more grafts are implanted on the scalp compared to other methods. The procedure is performed in one session under local anesthesia, and there will be no scar on the back of the head.


FUT (Follicular Unit Transplantation)

Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT), also known as Follicular Unit Strip Surgery (FUSS), a relatively old hair transplant technique, is another hair transplant technique. In this method numerous thin strips, known as micro-grafts, are removed from a non-balding area known as donor site (which is generally the back of your head). Each strip is then individually transplanted to the balding area(s).

beard transplant Iran

Beard and/or Mustache Transplant (Facial Hair Transplant)

Recently there has been a significant increase in the number of men who choose beard and/ or mustache transplant. They seek beard and/ or mustache transplant to restore hair in areas of the face with no or thin hair. The reason for seeking a beard and/ or mustache transplant can be lost hair due to skin infections or disease, genetics, or scarring in the beard. Both FIT and FUT and techniques can be applied in beard and/ or mustache transplant.

Eyebrow transplant

Eyebrow Transplant

Natural eyebrows are one of the most prominent elements of facial beauty. Many opt for having eyebrow transplant to have natural looking and permanent eyebrows. People seek eyebrow transplant for many reasons, including if their eyebrows have been over plucked, burned, or affected by scarring or genetics. The procedure can be performed through both FIT and FUT. The procedure is performed under local anesthesia, and there is no scar after the surgery. The recovery is fast, and the result is permanent.

Hairline lowering

Hairline Lowering (Forehead Reduction)

Hairline lowering, also known as forehead reduction, is a surgical technique for men and women who have high hairlines. This is achieved using hair transplant or manipulation of the forehead. In the latter method, incisions are made at the front of the hairline, and if necessary at the temple hairline. The scalp tissue is then raised and gently stretched, so that the hairline can be lowered. It is possible that some of the forehead skin, approximately 2 centimeters, be removed as well.

Like any other cosmetic surgery, hairline lowering can be combined with other procedures, such as brow lift or forehead reshaping, to get a more pleasing result. The surgery takes about 2 hours, and the patient may need to stay overnight in the hospital.

Platelet Rich Plasma

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) for Hair

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) therapy is considered as one of the safest non-surgical cosmetic therapies. The basis of the therapy is injecting rich platelets into the area that needs therapy, after centrifuging the patient’s own blood for about 10 minutes. The therapy can be applied to treat wrinkles, dark circles around eyes, poor skin texture, forehead lines, smile lines, turkey neck and necklace lines, wrinkles of back of hands, and hair loss. It stimulates hair follicles, thickens thin hair, increases hair count, and promotes new hair growth.

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Hamza Aldroubi

I Will come soon but I need know every thing about Hair Transplant . I was thinking to travel to Turkey but I heard Iran very good country in hair transplant . Remember give me the cost with accommodation in hotel in Tahran.
Thank you.

Senior Patient Coordinator

Dear Hamza, Thank you for inquiring about our hair transplant services. You are right. Iranian hair transplant specialists possess the highest expertise in hair transplant. Unlike in Turkey that the low cost of hair transplant is a result of low quality, the low cost of hair transplant in Iran is not because of low quality but is derived from other economic factors, just like other healthcare services in the country that are offered at low costs but with high quality. Additionally, our hair transplant doctors here at AriaMedTour make use of the latest technologies and methods to give you the… Read more »

Alireza Abrishami

I’d like to find out about booking an appointment with Dr Ali Vafaie and having hair transplant with him.
i also need accommodation in one of the hotel hospitals where I get the surgery.
I will be in Tehran on the 2nd of August and need to get my surgery immediately.
please do advice and contact me for further consultation.

Senior Patient Coordinator

Dear Alireza,

Thank you for your inquiry.
Please send a few photos of your head from different angles so that the doctor will give you an initial consultation. After that, you can send your request to us and ask for arrangement of a trip and a hair transplant procedure according to your preferred schedule. We offer an attractive hair transplant package which includes procedure, accommodation, transfer, etc. You can also send your request and ask for a customization.

Best wishes

Ali Zarmani


i am an iranian living in london. i am 27 years old and have been losing my hair slowly since the age of 20. I am losing both on top and the back, the full baldness as i call it. i was interested in coming to Tehran in second half of July. just wanted to ask if you can email me examples of treating men with similar loss to mine and the cost.

many thanks,

Ali Zarmani

Senior Patient Coordinator

Dear Ali,

Thank you for your question. It seems you suffer from one of the types 5-7 of male pattern hair loss. You can see our hair transplant before and after photos on the website. Please keep in touch with us on WhatsApp +989129570479 for more information about our hair transplant services. You can also see our hair transplant package, which is an all-inclusive package for foreign hair transplant candidates at a very attractive price.

All the best



I have a very light beard and wish to get it thickened. Yet, I don’t know what is the right procedure to be conducted. I would like to visit Iran to treat this problem.

Kindly provide further details regarding the operation procedures, cost, and duration.


Senior Patient Coordinator

Dear Ahmed,

Thank you for your inquiry about our beard transplantation
The best method depends on your hair bank as well as your personal preference. Please send us a few photos of the back of your head and your face on our WhatsApp (+989129570479). We will review your photos and will get back to you as soon as possible to assist you with making your decision. For a facial beard transplantation, you need to stay in Iran for two days. Other information will be given to you once we receive your photos.

Best wishes


I am intetested in the following:

1- detailed package cost of the max graft possible to be applied as i sm looking for most possible thickness of hair.
2- i am lebanese can you get me a visa for this treatment.
3- of course very well known Dr. As this is the most important

Senior Patient Coordinator

Dear Fadi, Glad to see you inquiring about hair transplant in Iran. Well, first click on hair transplant package to see the full details of our all-inclusive package, including cost and services provided. Second, our hair transplant doctors are the best in Iran. They use the latest methods and technologies to provide a full-thickness hair transplant to you. Please send a few photos of your hair from different angles (including your hair bank, i.e. the back of your head) so that we will be able to give you a more proper consultation about the result of your procedure. Second, visa… Read more »

Joseph Kirk

I am looking for a surgeon who can perform a beard transplant using the FUE technique.

Senior Patient Coordinator

Dear Joseph,

Thank you for your inquiry.
Please visit beard transplant and submit your request via the online form provided at the end of the page. You can also contact us on WhatsApp/Telegram +989129570479 for more info about our facial hair transplant doctors and receiving before and after photos. For an initial consultation, please send us a few photos of your face as well as the back of your head (i.e. the hair bank).



Am looking for hair transplantation from your hospital , i want to know more about this , like how many days required if i come to iran , now am in dubai(uae) and how much the charge will come.
kindly give assistance for this .
Appreciate your earliest response .

Senior Patient Coordinator

Dear Mashood, Thank you for your inquiry. For a hair transplant you need a 2-day stay in Iran. For a free quote, please send a few photos of your head from different angles (front, top, sides, back) to our WhatsApp/Telegram (+989129570479) or email (, so that we will analyze your hair bank and the degree of your baldness and will get back to you to provide you with detailed information with regards to the number of grafts you need and the price. You can also take a look at our all-inclusive hair transplant package to learn more about our services… Read more »

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