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Question 5:

What are some pros and cons of Gastric Bypass and Gastric banding?


Gastric Bypass Surgery

• Weight loss process will be a fast one. Patients will lose an average of 70% to 80% of the extra body weight.
• Patients will be able to maintain around 50% of the extra weight in the long term.
• The Loss of stomach tissue will gradually drop the “hunger hormone” (ghrelin), which helps people control the appetite.
• By using this type of surgery you may experience lack of vitamin and minerals. So you have to use supplements like multivitamins. (The doctor will inform you the special vitamins and supplements you need after the post-surgery procedure).
• Gastric bypass is generally considered irreversible. The surgery will permanently change how your body digests food.

Gastric Banding

• Gastric band surgery is regarded as a minimally-invasive surgery done by making small incisions, using a laparoscope and modern instruments.
• There is no cut in your stomach
• The band can be tightened or loosened in the doctor’s clinic to control patients weight loss
• Your weight loss is less than gastric bypass method. The average weight loss will be around 50% of your extra weight.
• You will experience constipation, vomiting for a time after the surgery which is considered as the disadvantages of this method.
• The band may get loose, so you have to visit the doctor after a while to fix it again.

Question 4:

Will I need additional surgery after my weight loss surgery?


Most of people losing weight in large amount for enhancing their look and beauty of their skin may need additional plastic surgeries on their abdomen which is totally optional.

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Question 3:

How long should I have to be off work after weight loss surgery?


Most patients return to work after a week. You may have lack of energy for the first week but there is nothing to be worried about. By consulting with your doctor you can find solutions to reduce the post-surgeries discomfort. After one week you can back to your work.

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Question 2:

How long does it take to do a gastric sleeve surgery?


The gastric sleeve Surgery takes around 2 hours to perform. The patients may leave the hospital one or two days after the surgery and abroad patients can go back to their country after 4 days of stay.

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Question 1:

Am I allowed to do physical activity after gastric sleeve surgery?


You can easily do your routine activity after a week and also light activities such as walking (not jogging and running )is also allowed.Heavy activities such as weight lifting, body building is not allowed for a month and half after the surgery.

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