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Throughout the medical care in Iran, excellency and expertness are crucially important  by which patients receive the highest quality care from their doctors and hospitals. Those with exceptional trainings, experience are highly skilled. The most experienced doctors in Iran solve the patient’s problems efficiently and simply. Also hospitals are with high quality of care, safety, staffing, and inspections and facilities provide appropriate rehabilitation services.

There are two basic kinds of treatments in Iran (Aria Med Tour): Medical and Cosmetic.

Medical treatments in Iran:

Cardiology, Eye Care, Fertility / IVF, Medical Dentistry, Orthopedics, Cancer Treatments, ENT (Ear, Nose and Throat), General Surgery

Cosmetic treatments in Iran:

Rhinoplasty (Nose Job), Hair Transplant, Weight Loss (laparoscopic surgery), Plastic Surgery, Non surgical Plastics, Cosmetic Dentistry

There are a few more treatments that you can see below:

Brain Surgery

dermatology (Medical and Cosmetic)

Endocrinology and Diabetes


GI Surgery


Neuro Surgery



Stem Cell Therapy


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Patients’ Testimonial Videos

gastric sleeve surgery in iran
revision rhinoplasty in iran
dental veneers in iran
nose job in iran
nose surgery in iran - omani patient

Before and After Photos

nose job before after Iran
weight loss Before After iran
breast augmentation Before After iran
Hair Transplant Before After iran
butt lift Before After iran
liposuction Before After iran
lip augmentationBefore After iran
blepharoplasty Before After iran
botox Before After iran
forehead contouring Before After iran
thigh lift Before After iran
cheek augmentation Before After iran
arm lift Before After iran
face lift Before After iran
otoplasty ear Before After iran

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