Surgery in Iran during Covid-19 pandemic with high standard hygiene protocols

Surgery in Iran during Covid-19 pandemic with high standard hygiene protocols

Raja Abdolabas is from Baghdad, Iraq. He traveled to Iran during covid-19 pandemic with one of his family members who needed medical care. Raja shared with us the details of his journey to Iran and his experience with AriaMedTour. During the wide spread of covid-19, everything became under strict rules of protection and social distancing. Travel agencies required a PCR test before it grants traveling permissions.

Raja contacted AriaMedTour via WhatsApp for a trip arrangement. Aria’s patient coordinator sent him a medical letter to help him get the visa and asked Raja for PCR test results. Raja went to the Yarmouk hospital in Baghdad, took the test, sent the results to the Iranian embassy and got the visa. Raja then traveled to Iran. When he arrived to the airport in Iran, his assistant who was already assigned by AriaMedTour was waiting for him. Everyone in the airport was wearing masks and committed to the rules of social distancing.

“Most people wear masks to protect themselves from coronavirus pandemic.”

Raja and his relative were accompanied by the assistant to the hotel to drop their packages. AriaMedTour had everything set up and ready for Raja and his relative. Therefore, they did not have to worry about anything. They just had to accompany the assistant who was their guide and mentor through the journey.

“AriaMedTour provided us with the range of services we needed.”

The medical institutions were super clean and sterilized. They were under high standards of hygiene protocols. The medical tests did not take a long time and the appointment with the doctor went very well. The results of the surgery were successful and everyone was very happy and satisfied.

Raja was very thankful for the various services presented to him by AriaMedTour. He was also thankful to Iran for the high-quality surgeries performed by the best surgeons with low costs.

Even under difficult circumstances such as covid-19 pandemic, Iran proceeds on providing services to foreigners under high standard protection and hygiene protocols.

“Social distancing was well considered everywhere and most people were equipped with hygiene facilities.”

This is how Raja had his journey planned with AriaMedTour. If you would like to have your own arrangement via AriaMedTour, contact us through WhatsApp or simply go to AriaMedTour website and get a free consultation. AriaMedTour’s help center and patient coordination is 24/7 available and at your service.

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