From Sweden to Iran for undergoing LASIK Eye Surgery

From Sweden to Iran for undergoing LASIK Eye Surgery

Walid Qadir Rashid, who is one of AriaMedTour guests from Iraqi Kurdistan, is telling the story of his brother in law, Shahbaz Majed, who came all the way from Sweden to Iran just to undergo a LASIK eye surgery.

Shahbaz Majed is originally from Iraqi Kurdistan. He resides in Sweden. He needed an eye surgery. He was told about the high experience the Iranian surgeons have. For this reason, he decided to travel to Iran in his next journey to Iraq from Sweden.

Shahbaz has traveled to Iran along with his brother-in-law, Walid Qadir Rashid, who has been in Iran many times with people who needed medical treatment. So, Shahbaz was not worried about his journey to Iran.

He learned about AriaMedTour services and contacted them to have his journey arranged. An assistant from AriaMedTour was waiting for Shahbaz at the airport with a name sign. At the airport, Shahbaz and Walid have met the assistant and they were picked up to the hotel.

The appointment with the eye doctor was previously set according to the information received from Shahbaz earlier. So, all was set before Shahbaz’s arrival and he did not have to worry about medical or surgical arrangements.

Shahbaz, Walid, and the assistant went to the doctor’s clinic. They were amazed with how clean, organized, the clinic is. It has modern equipment and devices. The walls are decorated with honor degrees from different universities in addition to prizes for medical researches and discoveries.

The doctor welcomed them and listened to Shahbaz’s complaint. After that, the doctor examined his eyes and explained his condition. The interpreter was an essential part in their conversation. The doctor assured to Shahbaz that there is nothing to worry about and that he is in good hands. The vast experience of the doctor made Shahbaz trust that he really is in good hands. He happily left the clinic and went to the hospital for the medical preparations before surgery.

The surgery was a great success. Everything was good. Shahbaz and his brother-in-law went on a tour to see the wonderful places in Tehran.

Their journey was fully arranged by AriaMedTour. They were happy and pleased about it. They are grateful for this wonderful experience. Walid promised that he will advertise for AriaMedTour in Iraq and will recommend it to his family and friends.

Shahbaz and Walid had their medical trip arranged by AriaMedTour. Have your own trip arranged by AriaMedTour by clicking on ‘free quote’ on our website or send your request on WhatsApp. The help center will reply to you as soon as possible.

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