Hands, feet, and back pain treatment in Iran

Hands, feet, and back pain treatment in Iran

Due to everyday activities and sport activities, most of us suffer from pain in the bones such as joints pain and back pain. The degree of pain can sometimes be unbearable that it stops you from resuming your work.

Our patient, Halima Soweid, experienced a similar pain. In this story, we narrate the treatment journey of Halima Soweid based on the words of her son Sattar Jaber.

Halima is 62 years old. She is from the city of Naseriyah in Iraq. Halima has a nerve disease. She also suffers from problems in her hands, feet, and back.

She was in total need for a delicate orthopedic surgery. As the son, Sattar Jaber, was looking for a medical solution for his mother, he ran into one of the patient coordinators of AriaMedTour in Ahwaz. The coordinator has told him about AriaMedTour and its various services and given him a phone number for communication. Sattar contacted AriaMedTour and asked them to arrange their medical trip. Halima traveled to Iran accompanied by her son and husband.

When they arrived, their AriaMedTour pre-assigned assistant was waiting for them in the airport. The assistant then picked them up from the airport to the hotel where their rooms have already been reserved by AriaMedTour. The next day, Halima, her family companions, and coordinator went to the orthopedist’s clinic. The orthopedist, who is known to be professional at what he does, examined Halima physically and asked for an X-ray for her back. Later on, they discussed Halima’s condition and the details of the surgery. The assistant-interpreter was building a bridge of communication between Halima and the surgeon.

Halima and her family were anxious about the surgery. However, knowing that Iranian surgeons are professional and highly experienced in addition to the special medical care they experienced in Iran decreased their feeling of anxiety. Halima underwent the surgery and the results were amazingly successful. On the day of departure, the assistant of AriaMedTour has dropped them off to the airport wishing them a safe flight home.

Halima and her family were grateful for the services provided to them by AriaMedTour. They advise whoever needs a surgical procedure to contact AriaMedTour. In Iran, the surgeries are performed by the best surgeons with reasonable prices for everyone.

This is how Halima got her medical trip to Iran arranged by AriaMedTour. If you would like to have yours planned, contact us through our website and hit ‘Free Quote’ or just send us a message on WhatsApp or any other social media accounts to talk to one of our medical specialists and get all the needed information about your special case.

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