How much does a nose job cost in Iran or How much does Rhinoplasty cost in Iran is a commonly asked question by people seeking reliable and reasonable surgeries in Iran. You can basically save up to 80% for getting your nose job in Iran, performed by the best board certified plastic surgeons.

Basically the cost of the nose job surgery in Iran starts from 1450 USD depending on the specialist fee.

The Rhinoplasty surgery in Iran is done by the best qualified doctors, plastic and cosmetic surgeons of the country selected directly by AriaMedtour, all having special abroad and international memberships like American Society of Plastic Surgeons. The clinics and hospitals are fully equipped with medical facilities of all kinds.

CountryPrice in USD
USAStart from 6000 up to 20000
Costa RicaStart from 3500 up to 7000
ColombiaStart from 4500 up to 8000
IndiaStart from 2500 up to 6000
JordanStart from 2900 up to 6000
S. KoreaStart from 4000 up to 12000
MexicoStart from 3800 up to 7500
ThailandStart from 3500 up to 7000
VietnamStart from 2000 up to 5000
MalaysiaStart from 2200 up to 6000
PolandStart from 3000 up to 7000
SingaporeStart from 2500 up to 6500
TurkeyStart from 3200 up to 7000
DenmarkStart from 4000 up to 8000
NorwayStart from 3800 up to 8000
AustraliaStart from 5000 up to 15000
UKStart from 6000 up to 20000

Start from 4500 up to 9000

Having your Rhinoplasty surgery done in Iran, can save you up to 85% of the surgery cost and even after adding up the flight tickets and hotel accommodation costs, it will save you up to 80% of the total cost. Of course The costs are approximate and they depend on the type of clinic, surgeon and city you choose to get the surgery done.

Is there an age limit for doing rhinoplasty?
Normal development of the nose cartilage and bone happens till about the age of 16 and seventeen. So,people above 17 can consider rhinoplasty.

What are the advantages?
• Positive self-esteem and self-confidence.
• Enhanced physical appearance
• Functional advantages like improved breathing

What are the risks?
The main risks of undergoing a Rhinoplasty surgery is swelling, which after a couple of weeks will disappear to a great extent. But the swelling will  not be totally removed till the new shape is fixed. Using the tapes will help you more to reduce the swelling as much as possible.

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