AriaMedTour’s exclusive documentary: Norwegian girl’s nose job in Iran

This short documentary film chronicles a typical Iranian health tour organized by AriaMedTour. It features a real plastic surgery patient from Norway, nicknamed Cecilia, who traveled to Iran with the assistance of AriaMedTour medical tourism facilitator. Cecilia became acquainted with AriaMedTour via the internet before asking the company to organize an all-inclusive trip to Iran for her with the aim of receiving a cosmetic nose surgery and a cosmetic dental treatment.

The documentary tries to depict the entire process of medical trips to Iran that AriaMedTour arranges for its foreign health tourists, starting from the time they land at the airport till they depart it. The 8-minute film was produced to answer some of the frequently asked questions of patients who often are curious to know—and they have the right to know—about the way they would be received in Iran, receive services and treatments and so on.

Since AriaMedTour believes in transparency and considers it a right for its customers to be fully informed about the details of their future trip and services they are going to receive, we are proud to present to you a professionally-produced short documentary to satisfy your natural curiosity.

How is my tour planned?

Every day, dozens of inquiries about different types of cosmetic and medical treatments are sent to AriaMedTour via different communication channels (email, WhatsApp, phone, etc.) from a wide array of countries across the world. Our expert medical consultants review the requests and, depending on the information asked for, contact the inquirers to provide them with medical consultation and other information.

The communication between our team of consultants and the inquiring people might go on for several days, weeks and even months; during this time, a lot of information is exchanged between the two sides. The exchanged questions and answers are typically about the treatment, doctors, hospitals, services, costs, hotels, required days a patient needs to remain in Iran for a particular treatment, transportation, visa, flight, and other questions of the like. In the end, the person decides whether to have the company arrange a tour for him/her or not.

After the online exchange of information, if you show a willingness to travel to Iran for a treatment and requests that AriaMedTour arrange a tour for you, the company starts the proceedings. First, a specific date needs to be set for the travel, which is decided by the two sides. Then, a visa has to be issued for you, which is a T-visa (treatment visa) in this case. After you send us some basic information (like your name, date of birth, occupation, home address, etc.), AriaMedTour handles the visa proceedings. Nationals of some countries can visit Iran without requiring a visa. (Learn more about how to get a visa for Iran and click on Iran Visa Policy to see the list of countries Iran is a visa-free country for their citizens and countries whose citizens can obtain a Visa on Arrival upon arrival at Iranian airports.)

When an authentication code is issued for you with which you can receive your visa from an Iranian embassy or consulate, or from an airport in Iran (for those requiring a visa) and the two sides become certain that you are able to travel to Iran, AriaMedTour starts planning a schedule, which includes booking doctor’s and hospital’s appointments, accommodations, flight (if you ask for one), as well as other preparations. Finally, having prior knowledge about the path ahead, you fly to Iran.

What happens when I arrive in Iran?

Flights bound for Tehran from abroad land at Imam Khomeini International Airport (IKIA). As soon as you arrive at the airport, an AriaMedTour guide/interpreter is waiting for you at the arrival gate with a bouquet. The guide holds a sign on which your name is written so that you can immediately recognize him/her. (Of course, before you meet at the airport, you have already seen photos of each other, so the sign is just for your convenience to find the person more quickly.)

airport pickup in Iran

AriaMedTour’s guide holds a sign with the name of the passenger she is to receive and pick up, at Tehran’s Imam Khomeini International Airport.

After the greeting and presenting of the bouquet of flowers to you, the guide drives you to a previously-reserved hotel in a private luxury car. At the airport or on the way to the hotel, the accompanying guide gives you an Iranian SIM card, which you can use during your stay in Iran, for calling, messaging and internet purposes.

Depending on the time of your arrival and according to the pre-arranged schedule, after checking into the hotel, you would either take a short rest and then be taken to the doctor’s office for a preliminary check-up and examination or remain in the hotel until the next day.


It all depends on your schedule. Some patients might have limited time and need to get their work done in a short period of time. Some want to have several treatments. For these sort of patients, a busy schedule needs to be prepared. Therefore, depending on your time, your treatments, and the number of treatments you are going to have in Iran, the next day you are accompanied to the doctor’s office, clinic, laboratory, or hospital to begin the treatment process.

In case you have multiple treatments, they are ordered in a way that one procedure does not affect the one that is to follow. For example, in the case of Cecilia, her dental treatment was performed before her rhinoplasty, as the latter is a more complicated procedure after which the patient needs to receive greater care until partial recovery.

During the whole process, an AriaMedTour interpreter is alongside you to help you with whatever you need, ranging from doing the interpreting between you and the doctor—and others—to guiding you through to proceedings and taking you to different places. AriaMedTour features skillful interpreters fluent in English, Arabic, Russian, and Kurdish, some of whom are native speakers of their respective languages with excellent command of Farsi.

The transportation used for patients to travel back and forth between the hotel and hospital/clinic, or other places, is private taxis exclusively employed by AriaMedTour, or Iran’s local online taxi-hailing systems such as Snapp, similar to Uber, which have mobile apps for calling a taxi to pick you up from any location in the city.

Who is supposed to help me if I have a medical question?

You are not going to be left high and dry after your procedure. Our medical consultants are available 24/7 to assist you with any question that arises for you, especially after the treatment. Our coordinators are always open to your calls and messages to hear your concerns and provide you with expert consultation regarding your condition. In case there is a medical emergency that you need to see your doctor, an urgent appointment is fixed immediately.

Iranian nose surgeons and foreign patients

Cecilia and Dr. Boromand pose for a photo before her rhinoplasty in a private hospital in Tehran.

 doctor office in Tehran

Cecelia and AriaMedTour’s staff pose for a photo in a private doctor’s office in Tehran.

What if I want to do a sightseeing?

AriaMedTour helps you do a sightseeing trip in town. Depending on your schedule and whether your procedure is a major or minor one, you can go on a sightseeing in Tehran—or other cities you are staying in—before or after your treatments. AriaMedTour’s interpreters and tour guides are always available to accompany you to any place across the city, be it a tourist attraction, a bazaar for shopping, a traditional restaurant or wherever you may fancy visiting.

traditional restaurant Tehran

Cecilia sits at a traditional restaurant table in Tehran.

Iranian souvenir

Cecilia receives an ornamental vase from AriaMedTour as a keepsake.

Can I still receive help from you after returning home?

You can keep in touch with us after going back home for an unlimited period of time. Our consultants are here to help you with whatever question you might have during your recovery period. In fact, once you have a treatment with us you become part of our family who is never going to be neglected.

Many of our previous patients are still in touch with us, including Cecilia. She has sent photos of her one month after her nose job, saying that she is very happy with the result.

one month after rhinoplasty done in Iran

Cecilia seems happy with the result of a rhinoplasty she had in Iran, takes selfie one month after surgery.

nose job selfie

Cecilia takes selfie one month after a nose job she had in Iran.

Norwegian patients in Iran


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