Breast Augmentation, Hollywood Smile, Cheek Implants and Brow Lift in my Second Trip to Iran

When it comes to having the look that you have always dreamed of, one cosmetic surgery might not be enough.

Cecilia, one of AriaMedTour’s most famous patients decided to come back to Iran again to undergo several new surgical procedures after the tremendous success of her recent nose job experience in Iran.

Cecilia, the Norwegian girl, flew all the way from her hometown in Norway to Iran with her best friend Emilia with the assistance of AriaMedTour medical tourism facilitator, planning to get breast augmentation surgery and dental veneers in Iran. However, she decided to have two additional procedures, cheek implants and brow lift, after consulting a doctor who recommended these procedures.

Cecilia’s new journey in Iran began with a warm and kind gesture, which included giving her beautiful welcoming flowers while picking her up from the airport by AriaMedTour’s professional team.

After being picked up from the airport, Cecilia was dropped at her hotel, where she got to see her room, and it was exactly like what she wanted, as the room included two beds which allowed her friend to accompany her throughout the entire journey and to comfort her as she recovers from the surgeries.

On the second day, the medical journey began, where Cecilia was taken to the appointed doctor to get a general checkup and to decide which c.c. size suits her best. As expected, everything went smoothly and Cecilia was ready to undergo the breast augmentation surgery on the next day.

Cecilia’s previous success gave her a sense of relief so she was not afraid while she was heading to the hospital. On the contrary, she was extremely excited to see the results. As soon as the surgery was done, Cecilia headed back to her hotel to get some rest before undergoing her second cosmetic procedure, which was getting dental veneers, so she can have the Hollywood smile that she has always dreamed of.

When the results are perfect, one never stops thinking of more

Cecilia’s journey to achieve the look of her dreams led her to consult a new doctor regarding her face, as all the recent successful surgeries made her trust the Iranian doctors’ opinion when it comes to cosmetic procedures. Therefore, she decided to get cheek implants and brow lift since she was suffering from asymmetrical eyebrows.

However, before undergoing the surgery, Cecilia decided to take a trip around the city. She was fascinated with the culture and the friendly people who met while she took a walk with her friend, listened to her favorite music, and enjoyed the street food, especially the burgers, as she described the smell of the food as unbelievable and something entirely new to her.

On the next day, Cecilia returned to the hospital and got ready to undergo the second surgery in this journey, where she got cheek implants and brow lift, and as expected, Cecilia was extremely satisfied and happy with the results based on the photos she posted after she returned home.

Cecilia’s medical trip was planned by AriaMedTour based on her needs. To have your own customized medical trip plan, click on “free quote” and fill out the form or just send us a message on WhatsApp or any of our social media accounts. A healthcare specialist will get back to you ASAP.

Now, let’s have a look at the photos of Cecilia in Iran!

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