Many people who are not satisfied with the shape of their nose, or have difficulty breathing, or other functional problems, choose to undergo Rhinoplasty. It is noteworthy that Tehran has proudly been selected as the world’s capital of nose job, since every year more than 80 thousand successful nose job surgeries are performed in Iran, mainly in Tehran, under highly skillful hands. Depending on the type of your nose, and the medical or cosmetic procedure that will fulfill your desire and needs, our plastic surgeons choose the most suitable technique.


Generally, a nose surgery is carried out using two techniques: open technique, and close technique. The type of the surgery depends on whether you are having the surgery for the first time (primary Rhinoplasty) or it is your second or third time (revision or secondary Rhinoplasty).

Popular Rhinoplasty Procedures:


Primary Rhinoplasty

Primary Rhinoplasty refers to the fact that the patient has not undergone any nose surgery before, and it is his first experience. Primary Rhinoplasty can be performed both to correct the shape of the nose and treat breathing problems due to structural problems.

In primary nose reshaping surgery, excess bone and cartilage is removed from beneath the skin that covers the nose. Cartilage grafts may also be added to help remodel the nose. Primary Rhinoplasty may take one to two hours.


Secondary Rhinoplasty (Revision Rhinoplasty)

The main purpose of secondary or revision Rhinoplasty is to fix the results of previous unsuccessful surgery or surgeries. However, it is highly recommended that you should wait at least a year after the first surgery, so that all swelling subside. Secondary Rhinoplasty can also be done to repair functional issues, like breathing difficulties. Most probably, cartilage may be added or taken away during the surgery to recreate symmetry. The whole procedure may take up to four hours.

Rhinoplasty in Iran

Iran is named the nose job capital of the world. The number of nose surgeries per capita in Iran is seven times as many as in the United States. The interest in nose surgery among Iranian women and men has been on the rise since two decades ago. The reason is that many people in Iran, and other Middle Eastern countries, have less beautiful noses, compared to other features of their faces. Prominent and Roman noses are common among Iranian people, while other features such as eyes and lips are beautiful. Some believe that the dress code for women in Iran and the hijab, too, have contributed to this exceptionally high demand for rhinoplasty. As most body parts are dressed, the beauty can mainly be seen in the face, and the focus of the attention is on this part of the body.

As a result of this, Iranian plastic surgeons became very busy in this particular cosmetic practice. Thousands of nose surgeries are being performed by Iranian cosmetic surgeons and this means that they have gained considerable professional experience in this surgical procedure. Some of the Iranian rhinoplasty surgeons are so popular and prolific that they do several nose jobs a day.

The reputation of Iranian rhinoplasty surgeons is at a global level. Each year, a considerable number of foreign nose surgery candidates pour to Iran to have their noses done by Iranian doctors. Some renowned celebrities have come to Iran for nose jobs over the last years.

Not only in the capital Tehran, but in many other cities in the country, rhinoplasty is done. Hospitals and specialized clinics in cities like Shiraz, Mashhad, Tabriz, Isfahan, Kish Island, and other big cities offer quality nose surgeries to national and international patients.

Rhinoplasty cost in Iran

While the quality and success rate of nose surgery in Iran is considerable, the cost is much affordable. Since the cost of living in Iran is very low, as well as the value of the national currency, medical and cosmetic services are offered at a low cost. Rhinoplasty cost in Iran is so attractive that international candidates will find it an absolute bargain even when they add the expenses of their travel and stay in the country.

If you are considering getting a nose job abroad, you can send your inquiry for information by clicking on the one of the ‘Inquire Now’ buttons above or the ‘Apply Now for Nose Job’ button at the end of the page. Our coordinators will immediately get back to you to assist you with initial consultation and information.

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Rhinoplasty Testimonial Videos

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Fatema Aryan

I would like to know how much would it cost me if i want to do my nose surgery? i will be attaching my picture.

Senior Patient Coordinator

Hi Fatema, thank you for your comment. Yes, we received your message and your photos through email. Our rhinoplasty specialist has reviewed your request and gave a detailed response there. You can find all information you need regarding your travel to Iran, costs, and the details of the result of your rhinoplasty customized for you in the email sent to you. Regards

Mohammad Naiemi

Hi doctor I am interested in getting rhinoplasty and would like to know the price range. Also, how long after the surgery can I travel by airplane? Thank you Ghadir

Senior Patient Coordinator

Hi, thank you for your question, Muhammad. The nose job costs are different for each nose. If you send some photos of your nose via this email or WhatsApp +989129570479 our rhinoplasty specialist will let you know the exact price and other details as soon as possible. But if you want to know an average price of a rhinoplasty package (including surgery, hotel, flight, tansfer, interpreter, etc.) you can visit the Packages tab above. Your 2nd question: For nose surgery, you need to stay in Iran for 7 days. This period is for the pre-op tests and examination, surgery,… Read more »

Oliver from uk

I searched many websites and ask many questions, the way Ensiye (I called her NC by the way ) followed my requests made me feel they’re really concerned about me. I’m telling you; forget every single data media filled your brain with about Iran; go and feel it yourself. Tehran is really the world’s capital of nose job

Senior Patient Coordinator

Dear Oliver,

We are very glad that you’ve been happy with the online support you’ve been provided with. We are committed to ensuring that our customers receive the best services.

Thank you

Fatiha Menhoum

Hello it’s for rhinoplasty. I already had a rhinoplasty 2 years ago and the result I do not like the tip of my nose is too big.

Senior Patient Coordinator

Dear Fatiha,

As the first step, please send us 3 photos of your nose (in the format of this sample photo) to our WhatsApp (+989129570479). After reviewing your photos, we will get back to you to give you initial consultation regarding a revision rhinoplasty.

Thanks for your inquiry

Abdulnabi Albahari

I have nose blockage and difficultiy to breathe, probably need a surgery to adjust the nose and make breathing normal again as suggested by few doctors consulted in bahrain my home country.

Senior Patient Coordinator

Dear Abdulnabi Albahari,

Thank you so much for your message. You probably suffer from a deviated septum that can be corrected by a septoplasty (a kind of rhinoplasty that is intended to straighten a nasal septum). For more information, please feel free to message us on WhatsApp (+989129570479).

All the best

Björn Broberg

Hello! My name is Björn and Im very keen of visiting you guys for surgery (nose job and chin implant) with dr Farshid Mahboubirad and was thinking of the logistics, prices etc., I’m living in Sweden.

Please get back to me with some information, I would appreciate that very much :-)

Senior Patient Coordinator

Dear Bjorn, Thank you so much for your question. First of all, we need a few photos of your face from different angles (sample photos for rhinoplasty consultation), so that Dr Mahboubirad would review them and give you consultation. According to the photos, we also will give you a price estimate. About the logistics, we offer all services you need while you are in Iran, including airport pick-up, private transfer from airport to hotel and from hotel to hospital and the other way round, hotel reservation, interpreter, SIM card, etc. Please take a look at our rhinoplasty package if you… Read more »

Noor Shail

Hello, my name is Noor and I have decided with my parents to get a nose job and I have seen your website and think you are the perfect person to do such a thing. But please give me all the possible information about the nose jobs that you do. How much does it cost? How long will it take? Are you busy or will it be easy for me to come at anytime. Thankyou! I will be waiting for a replay.

Senior Patient Coordinator

Dear Noor, Thanks a bunch for your comment. Well, a nose job requires that you stay at least 6 days in Iran as you need to visit your doctor 5 days after your surgery to get your nose splint and cast removed. We offer a nose job full package that included all services patients typically need. Please take a look at it and then contact us on WhatsApp +989129570479 or email us on to ask for more information or apply for the package. You also need to send us some photos of your face (in the format of this… Read more »


My name is Agata and I am interested with rhinoplasty on October this year.
Could i get more information please?
I am Poland citizen but at the moment i live in UAE.
Looking forward hearing from you,
Kind Regards,

Senior Patient Coordinator

Dear Agata,

Thank you for your inquiry about our rhinoplasty services.
As the first step, please send a few photos of your nose in the format of this “sample photo for initial rhinoplasty consultation” to our WhatsApp/Telegram +989129570479. As soon as we receive your photos, we will get back to you to provide you a free consultation and other information. You may also see our rhinoplasty package to find about our all-inclusive nose surgery package in Tehran, which can be customized for you if you wish to receive different services.

Best wishes


I wanted a quote on rhinoplasty?
And see how I can set up an appointment

Senior Patient Coordinator

Dear Karina, Thank you for your inquiry about a rhinoplasty in Iran. Our rhinoplasty costs depend on different factors, including whether it is a primary rhinoplasty or a secondary (revision) rhinoplasty, the doctor, and extra services you want to receive. Please see our regular rhinoplasty package. You can ask for a customized package by sending a message to our WhatsApp (+989129570479). We also need to see a few photos of your face (see “sample photo for initial consultation”) to give you a free initial consultation and a quote. Please do not hesitate to contact us for further details about how… Read more »

Abdul qadim

How much the cost for big nose surgry to make that small?
And your watssp nmber plzz

Ebrahim Mousavi

Dear Abdul Qadim,

Thank you for your comment.
We need to see your nose in order to be able to give you a cost estimate. Please send a few photos of your nose to our WhatsApp (+989129570479) in the format of the following link ‘initial rhinoplasty consultation sample photo‘.
You can also see our nose surgery package, which comes with all the services you need. The package can be customized for you to fit your needs.

Hope to see you in Iran soon.

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