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Question 8:

How much does a nose job cost in Iran?


‘How much does a rhinoplasty cost in Iran’ is a commonly asked question by people seeking affordable surgery in Iran. You can basically save up to 80% for getting your nose job in iran, performed by the best board certificated plastic surgeons. Basically, the cost of the nose job surgery in Iran starts from 1450 USD depending on the specialist fee. 
The rhinoplasty surgery in Iran is done by best qualified doctors, plastic and cosmetic surgeons of the country selected directly by AriaMedtour, all having special abroad and international memberships like American Society of Plastic Surgeons. The clinics and hospitals are fully equipped with medical facilities of all kinds.

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Question 7:

Should I Have an Open or Closed Rhinoplasty? Which one is better?


Basically both methods are used but generally surgeons preference is to use the open approach in primary and revision rhinoplasty if tip of the nose needs reconstruction wholly . The open approach allows surgeons to visualize these tip (lower lateral) cartilages directly and in a undistorted way while working on them. But If the patient desires the removal of a hump or other work on the upper part of the nose, then a closed rhinoplasty surgery is preferable. 
To sum it up, you should let your surgeon decide what kind of surgery is the proper one for you. Each surgeon’s experience and medical background is different and therefore the method being used by them will be different for sure.

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Question 6:

Do I Have to Pay for Revision Rhinoplasty after the primary one was a medical malfunction?


Basically less than 1 percent of our patients needs the secondary rhinoplasty in case of a medical malfunction (either doctor or clinic). Despite employing the high skilled and most experienced doctors in Iran, in case of a need for revision , all treatment costs will be free.

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Question 5:

When to re-start skin care after rhinoplasty? Should patients typically wait longer so the cast comes off?


Generally its better to talk with your surgeon and discuss the issue with them about your current skin care they will inform you what to do and not to do . just try to avoid strong exfoliants on your nose for 2-3 weeks and be careful with sudden rub on your nose .

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Question 4:

Is exercising OK after the rhinoplasty or not?


After the Rhinoplasty surgery, the most common problem you might experience is a slight nose-bleed and also more swelling. For reducing this problem you should avoid heavy exercises such as weight lifting, jogging, running , body building , diving and etc for at least a month to reduce the post-surgical problems.

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Question 3:

How long should I stay in Iran after Rhinoplasty surgery?


After checking in the clinic and visiting the doctor the next day you will get ready to undergo the surgery. six or seven days after the surgery your plaster will be removed and after a short break you can go back to your destination with no worries.

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Question 2:

How Long After Rhinoplasty Should i Wait to Get Revision?


As The nasal tip resolves slowly, the average time to do a revision surgery will be 6 up to 8 month after the previous one at least . this allows the swelling to go down and the tissues will soften. As the secondary Rhinoplasty is more difficult it requires an experienced Plastic Surgeon to fix it. So a highly skilled doctor is an important matter.

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Question 1:

What’s the ideal age for a rhinoplasty (Nose Surgery)?


Generally speaking The ideal age for doing the Rhinoplasty surgery for men is 17 and for women is 15. The bony and soft tissue structure of the face when coming to this age is fully matured so the later teens would be a great starting time to do such surgeries. On the other hand , nasal septum has developed fully during facial growth in this age which allows the proper growth of the midface and nasal structures.
The Rhinoplasty surgery is best performed once an individual has hit puberty and also should not be performed before a major growth spurt.

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