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Dr Ali Vafaei

Doctor Profile

Name: Ali Vafaei

Certification & Education: Dermatologist, Hair transplant specialist

Years of experience and number of successful surgeries: almost 20 years of experience and more than 30000 successful surgeries

languages: English, Persian

Specialties: Hair Transplantation Surgery (HTS), Hair transplant restoration, Eyebrow restoration, Dermabrasion, facial rejuvenation surgery, Eyelid lifts, Scalp flap surgery, Scalp expansion, Scalp reduction, Scalp skin disorder, Hair restoration and scarred scalp, FUT, FUE, Hair surgery for women, Male baldness, women baldness

Doctor’s Email: DrVafaei@ariamedtour.com


FUT method: 1500$ UP TO 1650$
FUE method: up to 1250$ up to 1500$
Mixed method: 1650$ up to 1900$
Eyebrow: 750$ up to 1250$
Mustache, beard (both): 1000$ up to 1500$
PRP: 320$

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