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Dr Alireza Molavipour

Cardiology in iran

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Name: Alireza Molavipour

Certification & Education: Cardiac surgeon

Years of experience and number of successful surgeries: more than 15 years of experience and 5000 successful surgeries 

languages: English, Persian

Specialty: Cardiovascular Surgery, Pediatric / Adult Heart Surgery, Coronary arteries (large vessels of the heart), angioplasty, coronary artery bypass grafting (CABG), heart valve repair, mitral valve replacement, balloon septostomy, atrial septostomy, ventricular reduction, Cardiotomy, Fontan procedure, ross procedure

Doctor’s Email: DrMolavipour@ariamedtour.com

Dr. Alireza Molavipour

Is a cardiac surgeon since year 2002. he was the assistant professor of cardiac surgery since year 2000 till 2011 in Mashhad. he is the member of Iranian surgeon’s society since year 2002 and is the member of European surgeons till year 2005. He is specialist in Cardiovascular Surgery

Pediatric / Adult Heart Surgery (Coronary arteries, large vessels of the heart) with more than 15 years in all kinds of cardiac surgery.

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