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Dr QolamReza Naderi

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Name: Qolamreza naderi

Certification & Education: orthopedic surgeon, arthroscopy and arthroplasty specialist.

Years of experience and number of successful surgeries: around 15 years of experience In orthopedic, arthroscopy and arthroplasty procedures and more than 8000 successful surgeries.

languages: English, Persian

Specialties: arthroscopy,arthroplasty,sports injuries, cuboid syndrome, joint dislocations, Achilles tendon rapture surgery, Achilles tendinitis,  Neuropathic arthropathy, Morton’s neuroma treatment, Metatarsalgia treatment.

Doctor’s Email: DrNaderi@ariamedtour.com

Dr Qolamreza Naderi is our featured Dr in this field, who gained the Orthopedic, arthroscopy and arthroplasty board and also has the fellowship of Ankle and foot surgery also specialized in Treatment of sports injuries.
He received his Orthopedic board in 2003 and dedicated almost 12 years to orthopedic surgeries and passed successfully the advanced knee arthroscopy course in Austria and France. He gained several fellowships such as fellowship of Anatomy Surgery (Arthroscopy) at Amsterdam AMC under the supervision of Professor Van Dijk and Professor Kerkhoffs and later, the fellowship in ankle surgery in Liestal of Switzerland under supervision of Professor Hintermann. he received the latest fellowship at the McGill University of Canada under supervision of Dr. Ruth Chayto.

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