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Name: Farhad Farid

Certification & Education: PhD in orthopedic Surgery from Germany , fellowship of orthopedic surgery from USA

Years of experience and number of successful surgeries: more than 36 years of experience and 50000 successful surgeries specially in the field of sports injury

languages: English, Persian

Specialty: Orthopedic Surgery, Sports Medicine, Children Orthopedic, Treatment of the Meniscus
Lesion, Acetabulum Osteotomy, Varus Osteo-Arthritis treatment, arthroscopic Abrasion
Arthroplasty, hypertrophy of the Plica
Medio-Patellaris treatment, ACL Ruptures treatment, ligament surgery, Knee arthroscopy, meniscectomy, Carpal tunnel release

Doctor’s Email:

Dr. farhad farid

Former orthopedic professor at the University of Bonn Dr. Farid is the Specialist in bone and joint surgery educated in university of berlin, Germany . in year 1974 he received the certification of  FUB . in year 1981he received the Certification  as Specialist in orthopedic
Surgery from Medical Council of Westfalen – Lippe and shortly after in the same year
he received the Certification of Sports Medicine and a year later in
1982 he received his Fellowship in USA.

During years 1982 – 84 he was the Vice Director of the Department of
Children Orthopedics in Red Cross Hospital.
in Lippstadt in Germany and during years 1985 – 87 he was active as the Chief of Department of orthopedic.
Surgery and Sports Medicine of  Neuwied and during years 1987 – 94 as the Director of the PAAC in Dusseldorf.

From Jan. 2014 he was officially the  Chairman and Medical Director of the new
European Center for Sport Injuries, O.A.& Joint Replacement.
Dr farid is currently the sport physician of “Persepolis” the Iranian soccer club .

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