• Dr Hamidreza Nouri, Rhinoplasty surgeon

Doctor’s  profile

Name: Hamidreza Noori

Specialty: ENT, Maxillofacial surgery

Subspecialties: Rhinoplasty, other maxillofacial surgeries

Years of experience and number of successful surgeries: More than 15 years of experience and over 5,000 surgeries.

Languages: English, Persian

Dr Noori’s philosophy behind rhinoplasty

“A nose can be natural-looking as much as it is beautiful”

Creating good harmony and proportion between different facial features through nose surgery must be such that it be the eye contact and the beauty of the lips that attract one’s attention at first sight, not the shape of the nose. Therefore,

“A successful nose job can be seen in the eyes”

In my opinion, a vital factor in the success of a rhinoplasty, and consequently the satisfaction of the patient, is a straightforward conversation between the surgeon and the patient before surgery, in addition to the use of proper and precise techniques. As a rhinoplasty specialist with complete knowledge of what should and what shouldn’t be done, I do my best that my patient and I reach a consensus about their idealistic expectations and the realistic results.

The goal of a rhinoplasty is not to improve the social and career status of a person or their emotional and romantic relationship. Rather, a nose that is supposed to have a better appearance is simply supposed to have a better appearance, and nothing more, although after a successful nose job, the person’s more attractive appearance will, in most cases, bring him/her a greater self-confidence, leading to increased chances for better social status.

“Rhinoplasty is an amalgam of science and art”

Adequate understanding of the principles of visual arts, such as drawing, painting, and photography, helps me put my personal aesthetics perception of the proportion of the patients’ faces in practice. Meticulousness and a flair for art are necessary for a cosmetic surgeon.

I devote a great amount of time for talking with patients and their companions, trying to fully understand their expectations. I welcome 2 to 3 consultation sessions and believe that it helps patients make their best decision which they would defend forever.

Using the latest computer software to change images allows for a more accurate prediction of the results, hence a more useful discussion. I believe that only the surgeon is able to tell which of the changes shown in the photos would actually be realizable in practice. However, I emphasize the fact that the changes created by the software are not something that must always be made happen, but changes that should take into consideration.

In the end, the main goal of a rhinoplasty is to give the patient a nose shape that she/he desires, not the one that is based on the surgeon’s personal opinion. An analysis of the nose and face according to the aesthetic principles is offered and discussed during the consultation session(s), but ultimately it is the patient who makes the final choice.

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