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Medical/Cosmetic Archived questions

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Question 7:

Will the dental procedure hurt?


All of dental procedure are performed under local anesthesia, by our highly experienced Iranian dentists. Of course There might be some discomfort (depending on the individual situation) like numbness that will often disappear within an hour. After undergoing heavy procedures, like dental implants, the patient might be advised to use some painkillers for best comfort.

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Question 6:

What if something goes wrong in dental procedures in Iran?


Actually its very rare for a dental operations to fail as we have the highly skilled professionals and board Iranian doctors who perform the dental surgeries and other dental procedures. We are highly confident about the quality of service we present to our patients. so to sum it up, all of our dental services are guaranteed and we guarantee that if you had any problem such as a doctors malfunction, we will solve it free of extra charge.

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Question 5:

What are the Dental Materials that are used in Iran?


We not only follow the latest trends and technologies but also provide our patients the best possible. we use the highest quality materials and implant brands such as Swiss, German, American brands with a life time guarantee.

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Question 4:

How much money can I save if I do my dental operations in Iran?


If you choose using our doctors in Iran for undergoing the dental procedures, you’ll see that a significant saving will be made. For example in the US, Canada, Australia etc the average price for dental surgeries and implants are around 2000-2500$. The Savings vary depending on your dental procedure and treatment and the doctor you choose. By all means, your savings will be around 50 to 70% compared to the countries prices mentioned before and of course you receive the high quality dental material and also there are no hidden costs.

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Question 3:

How safe are the Iranian dentists?


Iranian dentists are all board certificate and highly qualified Our dentists have approximately more than 12-15 years of experience in dental procedures all accredited by Iran university of medical sciences and most certificated by abroad / global medical associations. So you can fully trust and get professionals dental services for much lower prices than your country in Iran.

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Question 2:

How can I manage my phobia of going to the dentist?


Always talking about your phobias will work. You can talk to us about your phobias. Most of our patients will be informed about the procedure they undergo and all the questions will be answered. Dental phobia is a common condition and we are proud to say that our staff are highly experienced in dealing with stressed patients.

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Question 1:

Why dental procedures cost less in Iran according to other countries?


Dental procedures Prices in Iran are significantly lower than those in US, UK, Australia etc. The reason is that the cost of living, taxes dedicated to dental clinics and hospitals and staff wages are lower in comparison with other countries. Therefore we offer you the best materials (Germany, Switzerland, USA, etc) along with the best service of our skilled and and well-experienced dentists for your dental issues with much lower prices but most high quality services possible.

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