Doctors and Surgeons

Here is a list of the best Iranian doctors
& surgeons collaborating with AriaMedTour.
This is a select group of specialists based in Iran.

Doctors and Surgeons

Here is a list of the best Iranian doctors & surgeons collaborating with AriaMedTour. This is a select group of specialists based in Iran.

Iran has always been home to many world-renowned doctors and surgeons.
However, AriaMedTour has gone beyond the general standards and has been very selective in gathering a selection of the best Iranian specialist doctors and surgeons to ensure world-class medical services.
The following is the list of our partner doctors who proved to be the top surgeons in Iran.

ENT Specialist

Plastic Surgeon

ENT Specialist

ENT Specialist

Dr Khalaj weight loss surgeon in iran

Bariatric Surgeon

Bariatric Surgeon

Dr. Shapour Azizi plastic surgeon in Iran

Plastic & Aesthetic Surgeon

Dr. Mehdi Yamini gastroenterology and endoscopy


Dental Specialist

Dr Farzin Sarkarst

Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeon

Many people look for other destinations to get a service or have their procedures done because they don’t want to be confined within the borders. Everybody wants to get the best service possible, especially when it comes to crucial things like medical procedures and surgeries. If affordable, nobody would want to deprive themselves of the best doctors and surgeons in the world. It might have sounded luxurious to consider doctors abroad in the past. But thanks to the internet in our global village, finding the best doctors and surgeons is no more a mission impossible.

Persian surgeons are well known for their outstanding performance and the variety of the procedures they carry out, among which plastic surgeries come out on top. Considering the vast number of cosmetic surgeries performed in Iran, Iranian doctors have the chance to go beyond theoretical knowledge, gain a great deal of hands-on experience, and even come up with innovations in cosmetic surgeries. Just a cursory look at the annual report of the best plastic surgeons in America or the top 10 plastic surgeons in the world is enough to get an idea of Iranian doctors’ expertise and proficiency. The number of Persian surgeons inside or outside Iran appearing on top lists is surprisingly high. Winning a lot of international praise, Iranian doctors have proved to be very good at what they do. While many top surgeons with high proficiency levels could be found in other countries like the US, the procedure and the travel costs also matter when someone wants to receive medical service in another country. This is why benefiting from a world-class surgeon based in Iran would be the best choice for many people.

The cost-effectiveness of the medical procedures in Iran compared to many developed countries, coupled with the surgeons’ expertise, has turned Iran into a perfect destination for cosmetic and medical surgeries. Iran’s fame for plastic surgeries has risen to the point of being called the nose job capital of the world.

The abovementioned list provides you with the names, biography, specialty, and detailed resumes of the best Iranian doctors and surgeons working with AriaMedTour.  They are all board-certified and have successfully met our medical group’s standards, including skill level, experience, the success rate in complex medical procedures, and much more. So, if you are looking for the best surgeons in the world, you sure can’t skip the list of the best Iranian surgeons.

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