Abigail was in Tehran for a couple of cosmetic procedures. She Lives in Melbourne, Australia. A ‘bikini athlete’, as she puts it in her Instagram account, she wanted to have some Botox and fillers on her face, and a mammoplasty as well.

After hearing of Iran’s plastic surgery reputation by her friends in Australia, Abigail decided to make a trip to the country and receive some treatments. She searched about Iranian doctors and medical tourism facilitators in Iran and found AriaMedTour.

She contacted AriaMedTour and inquired about the cosmetic treatments she was looking for. Having received online consultation and detailed information she needed, Abigail requested that the company make the preparations for her travel to Iran and book appointments with one of the best plastic surgery specialists.

Abigail headed to Iran as planned and got a visa at Imam Khomeini airport, where on-arrival visas are issued for foreign nationals from most countries upon their arrival.

Abigail was picked up at the airport by an AriaMedTour interpreter and transferred to her hotel. On the day Abigail’s appointments were scheduled, she was taken to the doctor’s clinic and had her procedures done after pre-op consultations and tests.

Abigail stayed in Iran for one month, not just for her procedures, as a few days would have sufficed for them, but because she liked Iran very much. During the days she was in Tehran, she established a close friendship with AriaMedTour’s employees. As her stay in Tehran coincided with her birthday, the company decided to give her a special treat by organizing a surprise party for her.

The party was attended by all the staff of AriaMedTour, which was held at ‘Noon-o-Namak’ historical restaurant, in an old beautiful house dating back to the Qajar era.

AriaMedTour attaches utmost importance to its commitments to its customers, trying hard to bring them satisfaction and create a condition that makes their experience a pleasant and memorable one.

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