All you need to know about choosing bras after breast augmentation

No matter how excited you are to see your new breasts in the right bra style, you need to be careful about wearing bras during the recovery period after breast surgery. In fact, women are recommended not to wear bras or to wear certain types of bras depending on their recovery stage. In this blog post, we’ve rounded up everything you need to know about bras after breast augmentation.

Why should I wear a surgical bra after breast augmentation?

Breast augmentation is all about shape and style. Most people opt for this kind of surgery for aesthetic reasons. However, regular bras can ruin all you’re gone through to get your breasts enhanced. These bras, which are usually tight and underwire, put pressure on your implants, forcing them to move or slide. That’s why your doctor would recommend you not to wear your regular bra for 1 to 2 months following the surgery.

Beyond that, you should know that your breasts are typically swollen and sensitive until you are fully recovered. So, wearing something comfortable like a surgical bra will help you heal faster and easier. Furthermore, with a surgical bra, you’ll be able to sleep at night without having any concerns regarding moving and rolling around.

What type of bras can I wear during the recovery period?

When it comes to choosing bras after breast augmentation, you have a variety of options. The most recommended ones include:

Post-surgical bra

Post-surgical bras are suitable for people who undergo any type of breast surgery. They are designed without underwire and in a way not to interfere with wound healing. Also, they usually have a front closure or front fastening which let you wear them with very little effort. These bras hold your implants in place and speed up your recovery.

woman with post-surgical bra after breast augmentation

Compression bra and vest

When your breast implants need more support, you can try a compression bra. They are great aids especially when you’re experiencing too much swelling. They also alleviate bruising and scarring, while they do not put much pressure on your breasts’ tissue.

Compression vests work in the same way as compression bras. Their only difference is that compression vests cover both breasts and waist as they extend downward to reach your waistline.

woman with compression vest after getting breast implants

Sports bra

As a more comfortable option, you can switch to a sports bra a few days after your operation. Sports bras are soft and let your breasts heal on their own.

blonde girl with sports bra standing

When can I switch to wearing regular bras after breast surgery?

Once your swelling goes away, you can try on new regular bras. The swelling usually takes up to 6 weeks following the surgery. However, it may differ as each individual body reacts differently to the healing process. You can consult with your doctor in this respect and with his/her approval, you can switch to wearing regular and underwire bras.

How can I choose the right bra size after recovery?

While women assume that they are wearing the right bra size, many are wrong. This is because women do not distinguish the difference between the cup and band sizes.

To understand what bra size is perfect for you, you should go for a professional bust measurement. This becomes a more important must-do when you’ve had breast augmentation done.

The secret to the bra size measurement

Your bra should feel comfortable and stays in place even when you’re stretching your arms. If your bra hikes up easily, you’re wearing the wrong thing. Beyond that, after you’ve got your boob job done, your bra size changes. So, you need to go for a bust measurement.

You can measure your bra size by following the steps below:

1- Measure your size using a tape

For this purpose, you should measure your band and bust sizes. For band size, the tape should be wrapped around your bust extending beneath the breast cups. Then, do the same for the fullest part of your chest where the tape goes across the nipples. This number is called bust size.

2- Determine your cup size

Subtract the band size from bust size. The resulting number is your cup size; the size you can choose your bra accordingly. For example, if your band size is 34 and your bust size is 38, your size would be 34D (size: 34, cup: D).

The difference between band size and bust size (in inch) 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7
Cup size AA A B C D DD DDD, F G

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