Laser hair removal in Iran – Afghan tourist tells story in Pashtu

In the above testimonial video, our Afghan guest, Abdulqader, talks in Pashtu about her pleasant journey to Iran. He happened to undergo a laser hair removal in Tehran as he was navigating through the country. In fact, he had heard a lot here and there about the cost-effective and high-quality services this country offers especially to those coming from another country.  This made him look for the treatment options he’s got during his stay.

Upon his contact, AriaMedTour provided him with a smooth procedure and accompanied him with a Pashtu-speaking guide.

Laser hair removal and other cosmetic laser treatments are among non-surgical procedures which are done in this country at a reasonable price. Not only the price is attractive, but also the quality is significant. Watch our patient’s video and read his complete story if you’re interested to know more about this treatment in Iran.

Now, let’s have a look at the photos of Abdulqader in Iran!


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