AriaMedTour throws birthday party for Aussie plastic surgery patient

This video depicts a birthday party AriaMedTour organized for one of its customers who has flown from Australia to Tehran for a couple of cosmetic procedures. Abigail, a Melbournian ‘bikini athlete’, according to her Instagram bio, visited Iran on a medical tour organized by AriaMedTour. She stayed in the country for one month before returning to Australia.

AriaMedTour is proud of itself establishing strong bonds with its patients. The relationship between the company and the patients is beyond a mere seller-buyer one. Once a person requesting for a certain treatment puts trust in AriaMedTour and asks for a tour and treatment to be scheduled for him/her/, he/she becomes part of the family.

As you can see in this video, the company staff members gave Abigail a special treat on her birthday. They went to a traditional restaurant in Tehran, where they planned a launch as well as a small birthday party for Abigail. Having no prior knowledge of the event, because she was told to show up at the restaurant for a casual meeting with an AriaMedTour friend, Abigail seemed to be looking for the person she was supposed to meet the moment she turned up at the venue. But it lasted only a few seconds as Abigail’s friend Ency—an AriaMedTour coordinator who became a close friend of her since she started communication with the company, and especially since she arrived in Tehran—was quick to introduce the group of friends to her and revealed that it was a birthday party going on in her honor.

Having been a little perplexed at first, Abigail then became very surprised and happy to find herself among a group of kind and friendly people with whom she starting to feel comfortable. She soon formed close friendships with her hosts, chatting with them about her life, her experience in Iran and so on. After having the launch—consisting of different traditional Iranian dishes— the birthday part of the party was started.

cosmetic procedure experience in Iran

Abigail (2nd right) poses with the female members of AriaMedTour team.

woman travel to Iran

Abigail (3rd left) and AriaMedTour staff members having Iranian food at a traditional restaurant in Tehran.

The birthday cake was brought to the table along with the presents, with a Persian birthday song playing in the room and people clapping their hands in joy and extending congratulations to their Australian guest. Abigail blew out the candles and then came the brief knife dance of Alireza, the cheerful light-hearted guy of the team, who handed the knife to Abigail in a graceful fashion. After the cake was shared among the attendees, she unwrapped the gifts to see two decorated traditional dishes, a decorated vase, and a hand-made enamel copper bowl.

birthday cake

Birthday cake AriaMedTour staff members prepared for their Australian plastic surgery patient.

Iranian perception of western people

AriaMedTour staff and their Australian patient attending a birthday party the team arranged in her honor.

Abigail was very delightful to be in the company of her hospitable Iranian friends. She expressed her deepest thanks to the company’s staff for the organization of the party. There were also conversations about the difference between Iranian and Australian cultures and peoples, as well as the Iranian history, against the backdrop of a historical setting, the restaurant mansion that belonged to the Qajar era some 200 years ago. At the end of the party, the attendees have tea with traditional teaware, including a charcoal samovar and Persian teacups.

medical tourism in Iran

AriaMedTour staff and their Australian patient attending a birthday party the team arranged in her honor.

Iranian handicrafts

Abigail receives a decorated vase and a hand-made enamel copper bowl as birthday presents.

Then they wrapped up the gathering and went to other parts of the house to visit the magnificence of the old house, including its courtyard and chambers. They had some group photos as the final conclusion of their party. Abigail once again extended her thanks to her guests, that is AriaMedTour staff.

traditional restaurants in Tehran

Abigail and AriaMedTour staff posing for a photo at a traditional restaurant in Tehran.

Tehran old houses

Abigail and AriaMedTour staff posing for a photo at a traditional restaurant in Tehran.

AriaMedTour attaches great importance to the satisfaction of its customers, to make sure that they have a good experience of visiting Iran and receiving their cosmetic or medical treatments. To this end, it tries to create a pleasant atmosphere for the patients while they are in Iran. Although birthday parties such as Abigail’s is not always possible, other special treats such as welcome dinners and gifts are still available for all patients.

Now, let’s have a look at all photos of Abigail’s birthday!

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