Arab patients flocking to Iran in their thousands for medical tourism

This Arab man is talking about his medical treatment experience in Iran. Completely satisfied, the man compliments the Iranian hospital on the satisfactory services it gave him.

The low cost of healthcare services and the great competence of Iranian medical doctors has enhanced the status of medical tourism in Iran over the past decades. As a result, a great number of foreign patients from the neighboring countries, especially Iraq, visit Iran annually for medical services such as for infertility, eye care, cancers, heart problems, cosmetic procedures, etc.

Given the poor healthcare system of Iraq, which has been a result of the 2003 U.S. invasion of the country and years of wars and internal conflicts, patients often seek to get their treatments in other countries, that offer better services, rather than Iraq.

The lack of skilled doctors and the ineffectiveness of the treatments in Iraq are often cited by Iraqi patients referring to Iranian hospitals as the main reasons they preferred not to seek a treatment in their own country. On the other hand, they see Iranian medical services very effective and Iranian doctor very proficient and experienced.

Iraqi people have other reasons for their tendency toward traveling to Iran for medical services. The religious commonality between Shiite Iraqis and Iranians and the presence of the holy shrine of the 8th Shiite imam in Mashhad in the northeast of Iran creates a ‘kill two birds with one stone’ advantage for Iraqi visitors.

The friendly political relationship between the two countries is also very contributing to this trend. The existence of daily flights between major Iraqi and Iranian cities are very helpful in facilitating Iraqis’ trips to and from Iran.

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Iraqi patients in Iran


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