Travel to Iran never gets boring for this Dutch man

Hendrik is a travel guru from Groningen, the Netherlands. By his own account, Hendrik has been to Iran five times. On his last trip, he made a visit to AriaMedTour’s office to see his friend (a staff member of the company), where he talked about the reasons he ‘loves’ Iran.

Hendrik cites three reasons for his liking for Iran: Iran’s ‘rich culture and history’, its ‘beautiful nature,’ and most importantly ‘the people’ of Iran. He speaks of the many ‘nice and friendly’ Iranian people he met when he came to the country for the first time. “I found out later that hospitality and treating guests well is one of the key strengths of the Iranian culture,” he acknowledges.

The Dutch tourist has made a lot of friends in Iran during the 5 trips he had to the country, people that he says are intelligent and educated, something that was a very interesting experience for Hendrik.

In this video, Hendrik talks to people who might want to know how it would be like to travel to a country—as a Western traveler— that is often negatively portrayed by the world media.

Also, see Hendrik’s Iran travel testimonial in Dutch


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