Iraqi math teacher gets body lift in Iran.

So happy with her nose after being revised in Iran

Shurooq had issues with her body and was looking for a good plastic surgeon to get rid of the loose skin on her abdomen and flanks. After learning about AriaMedTour on the internet, the 50-year-old woman, who is a high school mathematics teacher in Iraq, had her arrangements made by our company and flew to Tehran with her husband to get a body lift in Iran.

The couple stayed in Tehran for 9 days. They spent the first three days exploring the city and after that, they went to the clinic for the pre-op visit and tests. The next day, Shurooq had her belt lipectomy done in Iran. She also wanted to have thigh liposuction but it was canceled at the recommendation of the doctor because of a decreased hemoglobin count in her blood.

After the successful surgery, we hosted Shurooq and her husband at our office. They expressed their satisfaction with the surgery and our services and hoped to rerun back soon for a liposuction procedure.

Now, let’s have a look at the photos of Shurooq in Iran!

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