Nonsurgical cosmetic procedure experience in Iran

Nonsurgical cosmetic procedure experience in Iran

Cosmetic procedures are not only desired by women but also by men. Overtime, skin problems increase due to many factors. In order to maintain the youth of your skin, one must apply a skincare routine. However, skin aging marks like wrinkles need a much powerful treatment than skin creams and oils. To get rid of deep skin aging marks, people resort to cosmetic procedures. Here is our story about a friend who came to undergo a nonsurgical cosmetic procedure experience in Iran for skin treatment.

His name is Younis Esmail. He is from Iraqi Kurdistan. Younis learned that Iran is famous in performing cosmetic procedures, especially the ones performed on the skin. He also learned that Iran has a great reputation when it comes to the medical field and that the Iranian surgeons are known to be professional at what they do. Younis immediately contacted AriaMedTour’s online consultation. A couple of minutes later, he got a call from the patient coordinator.

AriaMedTour has arranged the medical trip for him. They reserved him a hotel room, and made him an appointment with a dermatologist. When he arrived to Iran, Younis was welcomed at the airport and picked up by a private car from the airport to the hotel room to rest. The next day, the coordinator was waiting for Younis to accompany him in his medical trip. They went to the dermatologist office to discuss the details and set a date for the cosmetic procedure.

Younis was impressed by the dermatologist who is professional in treating skin problems and operating skin cosmetic surgeries using the latest medical tools and equipment. The procedure went very well and the results were successful. Younis was very thankful for AriaMedTour’s organized work and trustworthiness.

After finishing their medical trip, Younis and his friend decided to enjoy their time and visit the traditional areas in Iran. The coordinator gladly accompanied them and took them to one of his favorite places. Our guest enjoyed spending time in Iran and he is truly grateful for AriaMedTour’s medical and tourist services. He strongly recommends trying AriaMedTour. The day of departure, Younis and his friend were delivered to the airport to travel back home.

AriaMedTour organized Younis’s medical trip. For planning your own medical trip, all you need is to click on “Free Quote” and fill the form or message us through WhatsApp or our other social media channels. Our health care service will reply you as soon as possible.

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