Causes of breast sagging and how to prevent it

For most women, saggy breasts means aging. Not only do they hate this change in their breast appearance because of aesthetic aspects, but also, they hate it because it implies that they are getting old. Firm breasts are something women can be proud of.

But the fact is that the cause of breast sagging is not confined to old age. There are other causes for this to happen.

a naked woman who hides her sagging breasts with her hands

Do you know that besides age there are a number of factors that cause your breasts to sag?

Causes of breast sagging

Breast sagging have proved to have several causes. Here is a list of the main causes of droopy breasts:

  • Aging
  • Menopause
  • Smoking
  • Collagen deficiency
  • Estrogen deficiency
  • Multiple pregnancies
  • Not wearing a bra
  • Wearing an unsuitable bra
  • High body mass index
  • Large breast size
  • Rapid weight gain followed by weight loss or vice versa
  • Sunburn

Now we are going to see how some of these causes contribute to breast sagging. Let’s start with aging. As we age, our skin loses its elasticity because the ligaments making up the breast tissue start to stretch, and hence the sagging breasts. Also, our skin loses its elasticity because of the deficiency in collagen and elastin — which make the skin firm and youthful — resulting in saggy breasts.

Hormonal changes that happen during menopause or as a result of estrogen deficiency and multiple pregnancies, can cause the tissues to sag.

Smoking can aggravate saggy breasts because it accelerates aging. The skin elasticity of our body is due to elastin fibers. When we smoke, the carcinogens that exists in the smoke produced by cigarettes, break down the elastin in our body. Therefore, the loss of elastin caused by smoking loosens the breast tissue and before we get much old, we face breast sagging.

Sunburn can be another cause of breast sagging because of the skin damage provoked by ultraviolet rays and the loss of elasticity.

Weight fluctuations are another important cause of breast shagging because the skin is stretched and lose its elasticity, which in turn affects the breasts.

Now that we know some of the main causes of saggy breasts, we are going to see how we can prevent breasts from sagging.

How to prevent breasts from sagging

When we know why something happens, we can try to eliminate the causes to some extent. We can’t prevent aging but we can, for example, avoid smoking. There are also some steps we can take to slow down the process of aging and keep the breast tissue healthier.

Watch your weight

When we talk about weight fluctuations, we don’t mean slight weight gain or loss; they won’t pose the risk of premature breast sagging. But note that extreme weight fluctuations will definitely cause premature breast sagging.

In fact, as we age, our metabolism slows down and we are put at risk of extreme weight changes caused by aging. Therefore, it’s very important that we try to maintain a steady weight.

All you should do is keep a steady, healthy weight. This can prevent your breasts from sagging and make them firmer.

Use a right, well-fitting and comfortable bra

You must provide a suitable support for your breasts. To do this, you must wear the right kind and size of bra. No matter how heavy your breasts are, a comfortable bra in the right size can do the job. Choosing the right bras eliminates the breast pain and the risk of premature sagging caused by unsupported breasts.

This is especially necessary when you do work out, for example when you are jogging. To reduce breast motion during workout, you should wear sports bra with ample support. The reason why you should pay attention to breast motion during the sports is that it may lead to stretching and sagging.

woman with a pink shirt who is wearing a support bra to prevent her breasts from sagging

A comfortable bra with the right size can prevent your breasts from sagging.

Quit your smoking habit

Smoking and nicotine absorption can lead to a lot of health problems, some of which deadly, such as lung cancer. Though, as we mentioned earlier, the chemicals in cigarettes, as well as the nicotine itself, can result in saggy breasts by breaking down the elastin in your skin. So, there is a simple way to keep this essential protein, which is responsible for keeping the skin taut in your body: to quit smoking.

Avoid sunburn by using sunscreen

Try to make using sunscreen a daily habit. As we mentioned earlier, the UV rays can damage your skin. One of the damages often caused by UV rays is the reduction of collagen in the skin. In fact, the process of collagen production slows down as early as your 20s. However, if you are exposed to the sun for prolonged periods of time, for example if you are used to lying on indoor tanning beds, you are at risk of premature ageing in your skin and therefore, on your breasts. That’s why we suggest that you put sunscreen to protect your skin against sunlight.

Keep your hormones level ample

The level of hormone estrogen drops as you age, particularly after you experience menopause. This can occur at the same time of the decrease in tissue collagen. Therefore, we suggest that you consult with a doctor to get a hormone test and find a way to boost the estrogen levels.

Other tips for preventing breast sagging include avoiding frequent pregnancies as pregnancy has a direct effect on breast sagging. Also, try some pectoral muscle workouts, which can help in keeping your breasts firm and in good shape.

Last word

We mentioned many reasons for breast sagging such as, aging, wearing unsuitable bra, or not wearing a bra at all, and so on. But note that, some of these are not factors you need to worry about, such as breastfeeding, wearing a bra, or not wearing one. The main factors that you must be worried about are normal aging, pregnancy, smoking, and hormones that can be managed in different ways so that you can improve your breast firmness. If you’ve tried hard to correct your breast sagging to no avail, a breast lift or breast augmentation is for you. Just give us a message and our consultants will provide a free consulltation and price quote to you.