Lawyer from Holland gets liposuction, fat grafting in Iran

This plastic surgery patient comes from the Netherlands. Originally Afghan, she came to Iran through AriaMedTour medical tourism facilitator, to get a few cosmetic procedures done.

She had undergone liposuction, facial fat grafting, and butt augmentation, all arranged by AriaMedTour. The company also booked hotel and flights for the patient, as well as provided other services to her during her 10-day stay in Tehran.

Coming from a wealthy Afghan background, Abedeh has traveled to many countries, but she has never been to the land of her ancestors, Afghanistan. This trip to Iran, however, became an opportunity for Abedeh to kill two birds with one stone. After getting her body contoured by liposuction and fat transfer procedures in Tehran, she directly flew to Kabul to see her relatives there and visit her original country for the first time in her life.

The 28-year-old educated woman got to know AriaMedTour via Instagram. As she was looking for options to get her treatments done in Iran—which she said she always wished to visit,—she came across the Instagram page of the company. She sent a direct message and asked for more information about the services the company provides to patients and the way she could plan a health trip to Iran and get her desired procedures done.

After she was provided with the details, including the doctors, prices, hospitals, and so on, Abedeh requested that her trip be arranged. A treatment visa (T-visa) was soon issued for her with the help of AriaMedTour and she arrived in Tehran according to the pre-planned schedule.

During the 10 days of her stay in Tehran, Abedeh had an abdominal and love handles (flanks) liposuction. She also had a fat transfer to buttocks (fat grafting), and later in his stay, a facial fat grafting as well. (Fat transfer or fat grafting involves harvesting one’s own body fat, purifying it, and finally injecting it into those parts of the body that the person wishes to have them augmented or reconstructed, or for smoothing out facial wrinkles.)

liposculpture in Iran testimonial video

Abedeh receiving an injection at a clinic in Tehran

As you can see in the above video, Abedeh is happy with her health travel experience in Iran. She recommends AriaMedTour medical tourism agency to other people who plan to travel to Iran, for it is a ‘great guide’, as she puts it.

Having had a pleasant trip to Iran, Abedeh asked AriaMedTour to book for her a flight to Kabul, Afghanistan, and the company did so. She finally left Iran for Afghanistan to visit her beautiful second country for the first time in her entire life. Now that Abedeh went back to her first country Holland, she is still in contact with AriaMedTour, exchanging messages with the company’s staff, both as a friend and as a patient.

Now, let’s have a look at the photos of Abedeh in Iran!


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