Revision rhinoplasty, hair transplant and dental veneers in one trip to Iran!

Revision rhinoplasty, hair transplant and dental veneers in one trip to Iran!

When life grants you a second chance, spend it doing or seeking what is best for you.

This is what happened to our friend Ahmed Helal, who is 36 years old and from Muscat, Oman. Ahmed and two of his friends had a car accident. Ahmed miraculously survived this fatal accident unlike his friends who were not as lucky as their friend that they passed away. After the accident, Ahmed spent a quite long time hospitalized in the ICU. After that, he was discharged to be brought back later on due to suffocation. The hospital did not seem to have the adequate equipment and tools to treat his condition properly. Therefore, he started searching online hoping to find a better place for treatment.

Ahmed learned about AriaMedTour from Youtube. After watching the testimonial videos of AriaMedTour’s previous patients, he knew that this is what he has been looking for. Even though Ahmed has already had a rhinoplasty. However, the results were not satisfying, so he decided to have a revision rhinoplasty experience in Iran.

Ahmed has chosen Iran because of the various differences he has observed in their techniques and methods compared to the previous surgeries he previously had. And that is when he said to himself “I need this”.

He immediately messaged us. The online consultation’s reply did not take longer than a few minutes. His patient coordinator ‘Mrs. Jawaher’ sent him a message to talk about the details. AriaMedTour provided Ahmed with a wide range of services such as airport pick-up and drop-off, accommodation, treatment visa, transfer, choosing the right surgeon and many more.

Once he arrived, Ahmed was picked up by one of our staff members. After meeting his personal assistant, who is going to accompany him during the entire journey, Ahmed had a pre-scheduled appointment with the surgeon who will perform his surgery. They discussed everything concerning the surgery. The surgeon, who has years of experience, filled Ahmed with comfort and confidence when he talked to him. Ahmed trusted our words and work and felt like he can completely depend on us to solve his problem.

On surgery day, Ahmed was happy, relieved, excited, and ready for the surgery. After the surgery, Ahmed returned to the hotel to rest for a few days. After that, he went back to the doctor’s clinic to remove the bandages and see the results of the surgery.

When you are offered the best, one thing will not be enough

Ahmed’s revision rhinoplasty experience in Iran was a great success that he decided to have two more surgeries (hair transplant and dental veneer).

After having his surgeries done, Ahmed went back home carrying love and gratitude to Iran in general and to AriaMedTour in particular. For him, it was a wonderful experience. Sadly, he did not have much time for our tourist services. However, he enjoyed the hospitality and modesty of the natives in addition to the amazing services provided by AriaMedTour.

Ahmed’s treatment journey was arranged by AriaMedTour. If you want us to prepare your trip, click on “Free Quote” and fill out the form or send us a message on Whatsapp. Our health care specialists are at your service anytime you want and wherever you are.

Now, let’s have a look at the photos of Ahmad in Iran!


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