From Denmark to Iran for Three Different Procedures

Ahmad Al-Shahabi is a 22-year-old student based in Denmark. Originally from Palestine, he decided to trust AriaMedTour and Iranian surgeons; his decision seems to have paid off with a great experience. Ahmad traveled to Iran on his birthday anniversary to undergo rhinoplasty, hair transplantation, and otoplasty in one trip.

Ahmad Al-Shahabi: I was wrong in thinking Turkey is a better destination

Once Ahmad made up his mind about going under the knife, his friends, as well as his doctor, recommended Iran for his procedures. Up until then, Ahmad considered Turkey as his medical destination. However, after weighing up his options, he was determined that Iran would be the perfect destination where he could go through different cosmetic surgical procedures with the utmost quality.

He also started searching for medical tourism facilitating companies that could provide him with the kind of services he was looking for; not long after, he found AriaMedTour. Watching our previous patients’ videos and reading about their satisfactory journey in Iran, Ahmad was convinced that he could trust AriaMedTour for his several procedures. So he contacted our company and got in touch with our Arabic-speaking healthcare team.

AriaMedTour arranged every detail of Ahmad’s trip, freeing him from the hassles of planning the trip, choosing the right surgeon, and setting up appointments. But what thrilled Ahmad the most was the array of medical packages with decent prices he could choose from.

Birthday cake for Ahmad on his arrival day

Upon arriving at the Imam Khomeini International Airport, Ahmad was received by an interpreter. Then, a car picked Ahmad up and transferred him to a hotel room booked in advance by AriaMedTour.

On the same day, a nurse visited Ahmad at his hotel room to perform a blood test and other medical assessments that are needed before the surgery. Then, Ahmad was invited to visit us in our Tehran headquarter. What he didn’t know was that he will be surprised with a birthday cake and a birthday present to remember us by. The little birthday party in AriaMedTour was followed by a lot of laughing and posing in front of the cameras.

Rhinoplasty, otoplasty, and hair transplant in one journey

Ahmad did not like how his original nose looked like. He wanted a more delicate and less plump nose. His almost protruding ears were other issues he wanted to get fixed. He also had plans to restore the hair on his hairline. The hair transplant procedure took place on the second day of his trip. The surgery was done both easily and quickly.

One day after his first procedure, Ahmad had his nose job surgery along with an otoplasty procedure. Everything went smoothly there as well. And Ahmad returned to the hotel within 12 hours.

For the next 7 days, Ahmad was recovering from his surgical procedures in the comfort of his own hotel room. During the recovery, his personal interpreter checked on him once a day to make sure he doesn’t need anything. Plus, a team of on-call healthcare specialists was at his assistance 24/7.

Ahmad Al-Shahabi: I will be back in Iran for my eye surgery

Ahmad had a memorable experience having his procedures in Iran. Not only was he truly satisfied with the quality of care in the country, but also he was happy with the hospitality he received during the stay. He even took some time to go sightseeing across Tehran which made him admire Iran’s rich culture even more.

Ahmad’s experience in Iran was so dazzling that he said he will return to Iran for his eye surgery, once again with AriaMedTour’s facilitation.

Now, let’s have a look at the photos of Ahmad in Iran!

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