My Nose Job Surgeon Had Hands of Diamond

How did Alina choose AriaMedTour for her nose job?

Alina wasn’t going to do the surgery all on her own. Her best friend, Hanna, also wanted to reshape her nose. And like all best friends, they decided to go through it together.

They started searching for eligible surgeons by asking a few friends. And, received many recommendations about the excellent Iranian doctors. The idea of having your nose reshaped in the capital of nose job seemed interesting; so, they searched on google for nose job in Iran. In no time, they found the largest medical tourism facilitation company in Iran, known as AriaMedTour.

After exploring the website and learning about our previous patients’ experiences, they made up their minds that they will rely on AriaMedTour services for their procedures.

Alina had her doubts!

Alina was not our first patient who was hesitant to travel to Iran for a surgical procedure. She, of course, had her doubts regarding her safety in Iran and whether the country is peaceful enough to undergo surgery and go through recovery.

But once she got in touch with AriaMedTour, she realized most of her concerns about safety in Iran were not based on reality but influenced by the mainstream media. Also, watching videos of our previous patients who traveled to Iran from countries as far as Norway or Australia, helped her see Iran in perspective.

The Russian coordinator who was assigned to Alina, provided her with useful information such as the weather conditions of Tehran during her stay, what to pack for the trip, and how she will be catered for during recovery. She was also reassured that the surgeon who performs Alina’s surgery is one of the prominent ones.

Alina’s medical journey

Once Alina and her friend arrived in Tehran, they were received by their interpreter who accompanied them to the hotel. Alina was really excited about what was lying ahead.

Alina and Hanna’s first day in Tehran involved undergoing some routine physical examination in the comfort of their hotel room. Then, a car picked up Alina to get her to AriaMedTour’s headquarters in Tehran. Alina met some staff members and learned more about our mission and vision as the pioneering medical tourism agency in Iran. Alina likes to socialize and we loved having her in the office for a few hours.

Once Alina met her doctor in person, all her worries faded away. She was able to see for herself why her surgeon is widely renowned for his expertise.

“In my first appointment with the doctor, I took notice of his hands. They looked so gentle as if they were the hands of a sculptor. I can describe his hands using a term in my mother tongue that literally translates to diamond hands.”

After meeting with her surgeon, she had her welcome lunch that was pre-arranged by AriaMedTour. Then, Alina and her friend went sightseeing around Tehran.

On the day of the surgery, Alina was accompanied by her interpreter who made sure Alina was provided for and looked after her both emotionally and physically. Alina was really grateful for her interpreter’s attentive attitude.

The surgery went really well. Although her nose was one of the most difficult ones, the final results were really successful. Just one hour after the surgery, Alina expressed her satisfaction with the procedure.

Alina’s primary reason for traveling to Iran was getting a nose job. But seeing Iranian women’s full lips, she was amazed by how much prevalent lip fillers are in Iran. Now that she was satisfied with her nose job experience, she was willing to get her lips enhanced too. And unsurprisingly, Her lip injection turned out to be a positive experience as well.

Within a week, Alina’s facial features truly changed for the better. She is over the moon with the results as her appearance is now just what she had dreamt of.

Alina’s final thoughts about the experience

On her last day in Iran, we asked Alina to provide some feedback so that we can improve our performance and the experience of our patients. Here is what she said:

“There is nothing I want you to change or make better. Everything went so professional. You treat the patients as if they are family members. I wish you good luck and success in what you do. I think you are the number one medical tourism company in Iran. I will definitely recommend AriaMedTour.”

Alina left Iran after 10 days. But she told us that she will come back to Iran in the near future as she loved Iran’s rich culture and its hospitable people.

A few months into her nose job, we had a follow-up conversation with Alina. We asked her how she feels after the surgery. “I’m enjoying my new nose.” She replied. It is our mission to provide our patients with such a positive feeling about themselves. With Alina, it was an accomplished mission once again.

Now, let’s have a look at the photos of Alina in Iran!

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