Rhinoplasty, septoplasty, and lip lift experience in Iran

Rhinoplasty, septoplasty, and lip lift experience in Iran

Cosmetic surgeries have become very approachable in this era. Nowadays, most people resort to plastic surgeries to correct and beautify the flaws of their bodies. Iran is one of the famous countries that people visit for medical reasons. Iran has become very popular for the successful surgeries the Iranian surgeons perform and the low costs of such operations. Here is one story about a woman who traveled to Iran to undergo some cosmetic surgeries, namely rhinoplasty with septoplasty and lip lift.

Awael is a middle-aged woman from Iraq. She works as an employee. She does not smoke or work with chemicals. She suffers from a deviation in the septum, so she decided to undergo a surgery to fix the deviation and beautify the shape of the nose.

Awael has traveled to Iran after contacting AriaMedTour’s specialists through a free online consultation.

At the airport, the pre-assigned assistant from AriaMedTour was waiting for the arrival of awael. This assistant accompanied Awael throughout her medical journey. After meeting at the airport, the assistant took Awael to rest at the hotel room that was reserved for her by AriaMedTour.

After that, Awael and her assistant went to see the doctor who was going to perform her rhinoplasty surgery for the pre-surgery consultation visit. Awael and her doctor talked prolongedly about the details of the surgery. The doctor also asked her many questions about her medical history and found out that she has a record of previous surgeries (liposuction and hemorrhoid).

The assistant was the bridge of communication between Awael and the doctor. Awael showed the doctor the shape of nose that she would like to have. After examining her nose, the doctor explained to her what should be done. The doctor scheduled Awael for a rhinoplasty and lip lift according to time she wants and asked her to do a few medical tests.

During the day of the surgery, Awael was confident and optimistic. She did not have pre-surgery fear because the confidence she acquires after her consultation session with her surgeon.

After the surgery, she went to the hotel room to rest. When she took off the bandages, she was delighted with the results. She has got the perfect nose and lip she desired.

Her trip to Iran was interesting. She did not have to worry about anything for everything was organized and arranged by AriaMedTour.

Awael had her medical trip arranged by AriaMedTour. If you would like to have you trip organized by AriaMedTour, hit “free quote” on AriaMedTour website or just send your inquiry through WhatsApp, Facebook or any of our accounts on other social media.

AriaMedTour medical team will reply at once.

Now, let’s have a look at the photos of Awael in Iran!

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