Great septoplasty experience in Iran for this Iraqi man

Great septoplasty experience in Iran for this Iraqi man

Baqer al-Aydani is from al Basra-Iraq. Since 2006, Baqer has suffered from a broken nose which caused a sever septum deviation. He had breathing problems, especially at night, because he only breathes from one naris.

He came to Iran accompanied by his father to undergo a septoplasty and rhinoplasty surgery. AriaMedTour had opened a branch office in Basra to promote for its services there, and Baqer learned about AriaMedTour from this office. When he came to Iran, Baqer contacted some Iranian friends who introduced him to AriaMedTour.

When he arrived to AriaMedTour office, Baqer met his personal coordinator and interpreter who is going to accompany him during his treatment journey. The coordinator had set him up an appointment with the surgeon who is going to perform his surgery. During his appointment with the surgeon, Baqer explained his problem. The surgeon, who has years of experience, has explained everything about the surgery, answered his questions, and assured him that there is nothing to worry about. He also explained the side effects and complications that will occur after the surgery and how to deal with them. In the end of the appointment, the surgeon scheduled Baqer for the surgery.

The surgery was a great success. After the surgery, Baqer discharged and went to have some days’ rest at the hotel that has been previously reserved for him. After a few days, Baqer came back for his after-appointment with the doctor to remove the bandages. Baqer felt comfortable while breathing and he was delighted with the new shape of his nose.

Baqer has chosen AriaMedTour because he has watched the videos of previous patients and surgeries. According to him, “AriaMedTour is the best in everything it provides and not only in cosmetic surgeries and septoplasty.”

Baqer advices his Iraqi people and other people in general to choose carefully when considering undergoing a surgery.  He himself has chosen the best, and he is happy and satisfied with the results.

After the treatment journey is over, Baqer and his father were driven by AriaMedTour’s car to the airport.

Baqer’s medical journey for septoplasty experience in Iran was planned by AriaMedTour. If you want to have yours planned by us as well, all you have to do is click on “Free Quote” and fill out the form. You will be answered by one of our health care specialists as soon as possible.

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