I Chose Iran for a Masculine Nose with a Good Side Definition!

I Chose Iran for a Masculine Nose with a Good Side Definition!

Chouaib is an Algerian 31-year-old man who traveled to Iran from Germany for rhinoplasty. He discovered the AriaMedTour company website when he was looking for the best plastic surgeon for rhinoplasty on the Internet.

As he described his expectations to our consultants at AriaMedTour, he said:

I want a long masculine nose with a good side definition. The biggest change I believe will be from the front.

We recommended a plastic surgeon based on our patient’s concerns who would have the ability to perform the surgery in a way that would be close to what the patient expected.

A 7-day trip to Iran was planned for him and all the travel requirements such as visa, accommodation, coordination with the best surgeon, and specialized clinics were done by AriaMedTour company, as a medical tourism facilitator based in Iran.

Dr. Abbasi performed his rhinoplasty at the Mom Hospital. His initial results of the surgery were positive, and he visited the doctor’s office twice more during his stay in Iran to check his condition.
Additionally, the patient requested a laser treatment for skin rejuvenation, which was performed in an excellent clinic with one of the world’s best laser devices.

5 days after the operation, he had a city tour in Tehran. Tajrish Bazaar, Imamzadeh Saleh as well as a shopping mall near Chitgar were some of the places he visited with his translator.
As a gift for his wife and children, he bought sneakers. One day during his stay, he went to a very stylish Restaurant & Café in Tehran with the CEO of the company and had some memorable moments.

Now, let’s have a look at the photos of Chouaib in Iran!

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