The Affordability along with the high quality encouraged me to undergo hair transplant in Iran

The Affordability along with the high quality encouraged me to undergo hair transplant in Iran

Improving your personality and appearance is a never-ending journey; this idea was exactly the driving force that led our Azerbaijani friend, Elvin,to fly all the way from his home country to Iran for the first time in his life to undergo hair transplant in Iran.

Iran’s reputation in the medical and surgical field always precedes it, as it is known worldwide for the delicate cosmetic surgical procedure it offers for the most affordable prices. This was proven by our friend’s internet search, as AriaMedtour’s name was the first result to pop up after typing the keywords highly-qualified surgeons and affordable prices.

Our guest flew all the way from his country to Iran to undergo hair transplant, as all the reviews he read on the internet about AriaMedTour were extremely positive and complimenting the great quality of the procedures it performed. Add to this affordable costs, which supported his decision of coming to Iran looking for the best results possible.

Our new friend’s journey was a smooth one, thanks to AriaMedTour’s professional team who took care of everything for him, such as booking a flight, picking a place for him to stay, choosing the best doctor and medical center to deliver the best results possible, in addition to extra services like assigning a personal interpreter.

Upon our guest’s arrival, he was picked up from the airport and taken to the doctor’s office by the assistant who went with our guest through the whole process. The doctor informed him about the steps of the hair transplant procedure thoroughly, in order to hear the patient’s preferences and feedback so that they can get exactly what he had in mind. Furthermore, the specialized clinic ran some tests before starting the procedure, in order to avoid any possible complications during the procedure.

After the procedure was done, Elvin was extremely satisfied with the results and looking forward for the long-awaited developments this new look has to offer as he felt like a new person after the success of his hair transplant.

That is how our Azerbaijani guest, Elvin, had his medical journey arranged by AriaMedTour to have his hair transplant procedure done in Iran. All you have to do to get your journey arranged by AriaMedTour is to click on “Free Quote” in this site and fill the form or just message us on WhatsApp. Our specialized coordinators will be available 24/7 to provide you with all you need.

Now, let’s have a look at the photos of Elvin in Iran!

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