I was more than just a patient to the surgeon and to AriaMedTour

I was more than just a patient to the surgeon and to AriaMedTour

Evgenia, AriaMedTour’s newest member, had the journey of her life and achieved the look of her dreams with the Help of AriaMedtour. Today’s guest came all the way from Russia in order to achieve a better appearance, by having a nose job in Iran, as Iranian surgeons are the only ones she trusts.

The 20-years-old Russian girl, Evgenia, chose AriaMedTour after it was referred to her by a friend. In addition to that, her decision was supported by the knowledge that surgeons in AriaMedTour are highly qualified and pay a lot of attention to their patients, whom they consider as family and not just patients.

When Evgenia arrived to Iran, she was picked up from the Airport by AriaMedTour’s team and her personal interpreter who accompanied her during the entire trip. She was taken to the doctor’s office where they discussed every detail about her surgery. At the day of the surgery, Evgenia felt anxious at first, as this was her first surgery. But after talking to the doctor who she thought of as warm and fair she felt much better and was ready for her surgery.

After the surgery was done, Evgenia started waking up from the anesthesia and stated that she didn’t feel a thing during the whole surgery. Also, she believes that the surgeons did their job professionally and she was extremely satisfied with the result and expecting it to become even better with time.

Before coming to Iran, Evgenia had high expectations for Iran and AriaMedTour, and now she thinks that it was the right thing to do as her trip to Iran and the result of her surgery were amazing. Furthermore, despite the fact that the media shows Iran as a troubled place, our patient thinks highly of Iran and considers it a special country that everyone should visit whether for medical or leisure purposes.

Prior to Evgenia’s departure, she sent a message of gratitude to AriaMedTour, the doctors, employees, and especially to the interpreter who made her trip go as smoothly as possible. Furthermore, due to the great success of her surgery, Evgenia advised everyone who seeks self-improvement to search no more and head directly to Iran to get their surgical procedures done by doctors who perform to the highest standards and pay attention to the smallest details in order to provide the best results possible.

That is how Evgenia’s trip was arranged by AriaMedTour. You, in turn, can have your hassle-free trip arranged by just asking for a free consultation in this website or by texting us via WhatsApp. Our professional team is at your service 24/7.

Now, let’s have a look at the photos of Evgenia in Iran!

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