From Germany to Iran for a rhinoplasty

From Germany to Iran for a rhinoplasty

Faten is originally from Syria. However, she has been living in Germany for 5 years. She had a problem in her nose that she wanted to fix in a nose job surgery. Some Iranian friends who live in Germany have recommended that she travel to Iran for the nose job surgery since Iran is highly reputable in this surgery.

Faten surfed the net to learn more about rhinoplasty surgeries in Iran. While searching, she came across AriaMedTour website. She watched our videos of previous patients and loved what the doctors have done and the results achieved. She also learned about the amazing services of AriaMedTour and the reasonable prices. She made up her mind to come to Iran. Thus, she immediately contacted Mrs. Amina and Mr. Hashem and asked to have her journey to Iran arranged.

Like most of the travelers, Faten was anxious about traveling to Iran because of the news she always hears about Iran. However, when she arrived, she felt such relief and joy. The airport staff were kind and welcoming, and an interpreter of AriaMedTour was at the airport waiting for the arrival of Faten with a sign that has her name on it along with the slogan of AriaMedTour.

Faten did not have to worry about anything since everything was arranged by AriaMedTour before her arrival (the hotel reservation, the doctor’s appointment, the airport pick up, and other more services).

Faten and the interpreter were picked up to the hotel. After that, they went to the hospital to do some medical tests such as blood test and allergy test. After that, she went to her pre-scheduled appointment with the doctor. Faten and the doctor discussed what should be done and decided to have the surgery after two days.

The interpreter has done a great job connecting between Faten and the doctor. The high expertise of the doctor transferred to Faten feelings of confidence. Yet, she felt a little bit anxious and worried before the surgery. So, she decided to go sightseeing in Tehran to have fun and relief the anxiety.

The surgery went well and it was successfully accomplished. Faten was taken to the hotel room to rest after the surgery. After removing the bandages, Faten was very happy with the results and the new nose shape.

Faten’s experience with rhinoplasty in Iran was wonderful. She did not have to worry about anything since it was all set earlier thanks to AriaMedTour. Faten is grateful to Mrs. Amina and Mr. Hashem for the very good job they have done. Faten advises everyone to try AriaMedTour medical tourism services.

For more information and for arranging a medical journey to Iran, just hit ‘free quote’ and fill the form or send your request through WhatsApp. Our help center is 24/7 available.

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