Hair Transplant in Iran, a Smart Choice We Made!

Hair Transplant in Iran, a Smart Choice We Made!

Florian, despite the Covid outbreak, traveled all the way from Germany to Iran for a hair transplant. He was studying and wanted to become an English teacher.
Initially, he was planning to have a hair transplant in Turkey, but after seeing the quality of services in Iran and the affordable prices, he changed his mind and decided to come to Iran.

Then he searched the internet for the best hair transplant centers in Iran and came across the Ariamedtour website.

Iran offers a variety of cosmetic procedures, including hair transplantation. The highly experienced surgeons and modern hair transplant clinics in Iran offer foreign candidates a safe hair transplant procedure. The following five methods are generally used for hair transplantation:

  • FIT hair transplant
  • FUT Hair Transplant
  • Combined hair transplantation (FIT, FUT)
  • SUT Hair transplant
  • BHT hair transplant

In Iran, all these methods are available at the best clinics and based on the latest technologies. Hair transplantation methods are decided based on the patient’s needs and desires along with the physician’s recommendation.

Florian had an Iranian friend and through him, he had a relative acquaintance with Iran. He traveled to Iran with his friend and they both had hair transplants. They received their visas from the Iranian consulate in Munich and traveled to Iran. They took the Corona test before the trip and brought the results along. A twin room was booked for them for the duration of their stay in Iran. Their treatment was performed at Saei Clinic in Tehran, which is a modern and specialized surgical center.

They had a city tour of Tehran and went to a recreational place (Roya Park) near Darakeh. One night they had dinner with the Aiamedtour guys in a wonderful restaurant. As souvenirs, they bought Iranian nuts for their friends and family.

At AriaMedTour, we offer all the services you require for your trip to Iran, such as treatment arrangement, accommodation, T-Visa (treatment visa), transfers, airport pick-ups, round-the-clock assistance, interpreters, SIM cards, internet, etc.

Now, let’s have a look at the photos of Florian in Iran!

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