German Man Prefers Iran to Turkey for Hair Transplant – Testimonial Video

German Man Prefers Iran to Turkey for Hair Transplant – Testimonial Video

To go to Turkey or not to go to Turkey? That was the question for Georg, 26, from Germany and his friend when they were planning for a hair transplant abroad.

Like many other Germans who choose to travel to Turkey for hair transplant procedures, Georg and his friend too were considering this country as their first option, but a recommendation from a friend of theirs changed their minds.

After hearing about the quality of services and lower cost of hair transplantation in Iran compared to Turkey, Georg and his friend chose to fly to Iran instead of Turkey. So they began to search on the internet to find information about how to travel to Iran for a hair transplant — and they found us.

A little browsing and reading about our services on our website were enough for the young men to get in touch with us for a consultation. Our consultants gave them all the details they needed, and they finally requested that we arrange their trip. As they needed visas for visiting Iran, we arranged the issuance of their visas, which they received from the Iranian General Consulate in Munich. They also needed a negative Covid-19 test to be allowed to travel to Iran as they came during the coronavirus pandemic. Having tested negative for the coronavirus, they got ready to fly.

Now with their detailed travel plan prepared in advance, Georg and his friend took a flight to Tehran, where their AriaMedTour guide was waiting for them to pick them up and drive them to their hotel.

The next day, their guide picked them up from their hotel and took them to the clinic where their hair transplant procedures had already been arranged. The hair transplants were performed by experienced hair transplant specialists with the latest FUE techniques.

The hours-long hair transplantation surgery is a bit frustrating for anyone, as you have to sit in a chair for a long time while the specialist is working on your head extracting hair grafts or transplanting them on your scalp. But Georg and his friend made up for this uncomfortable experience afterward by treating themselves to a myriad of entertainment and delicacies in Tehran after their treatment.

During their 7-day stay in Tehran, our convivial guests went out to restaurants, entertaining centers, and tourist attractions to make the most of their trip to Tehran all accompanied by their guide and interpreter, Ana. They also went shopping and bought some Iranian nuts and pastries as souvenirs for their families and friends back in Germany.

With their travel to Iran having exceeded their expectations, Georg and his friend said that they would come back again, maybe for another surgery or just on holiday because as Georg says in the video above, he “loved the country.”

We hope to see Georg and his friend again in Iran.

Now, let’s have a look at the photos of Georg in Iran!

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