“Iranian surgeons are absolutely professional”

“Iranian surgeons are absolutely professional”

Hadz is an Austrailan 22-year-old social media influencer. He made a trip from Australia to Iran to enhance one facial feature he was insecure about: his nose. Going under the knife to change something that sits right in the middle of your face is a daunting idea in itself. Having the surgery done miles away from home only accentuates the fear. In addition to his inner conflict, Hadz also had to face people questioning his decision. So, what did really prompt Hadz to overlook all this? Read on to find out how Hadz ended up calling Iranian surgeons absolutely professional and what was his impression of AriaMedTour while traveling abroad for a nose job.

Why did he choose Iran?

Hadz wished to reshape his nose and wanted to have it done the best way possible. So, he started a quest to find the best surgeons. Having heard that Iran is a common destination for people who opt for rhinoplasty abroad, he started evaluating Iranian surgeons. Soon, he was confident that the result he had in mind could be achieved in Iran and by Iranian specialists. Surely, the exceedingly low cost of nose job surgery in Iran was another determining factor that led to this decision.

Hadz’s impression of AriaMedTour services

Medical travel is not hassle-free. Medical tourism facilitators such as AriaMedTour are bound to tackle difficulties that lie along the way, offering a smooth experience that is more like a vacation and less like a medical procedure.

Not long after selecting Iran for his cosmetic procedure, Hadz found AriaMedTour via the video testimonials of our previous patients. After thorough research, he was reassured that AriaMedTour can provide him with safety and peace of mind. So, he contacted our team and the rest of his journey went on as easy as pie.

“I am speechless by AriaMedTour services and I couldn’t have made a better decision than going with them. They gave me an amazing welcoming. Everything there was just absolutely fantastic and amazing.”

A perfect nose job result

Hadz arrived in Tehran knowing that his entire journey is scheduled by the AriaMedTour team. A car picked him up right on time and he went to his doctor’s office accompanied by a patient coordinator.

The consultation session with the surgeon is an important part of the procedure. Hadz explained his expectations and his doctor paid close attention to what he wanted while describing the techniques that can be used to achieve that.

The surgery was over in less than 2 hours. He spent some days recovering from the surgery. Then, he went to have a follow-up appointment with the surgeon. His cast was removed and he was given a mirror to take a look at the initial results to which he reacted by saying “perfect”.

“I am very satisfied with what my surgeon has accomplished. I am very happy and confident at the moment. The doctor was amazing; the service was amazing.”

One month into Hadz’s rhinoplasty

1-2 months after Hadz left Iran, our online support team contacted him to see if everything is going as planned. Hadz sent us a video of himself depicting his new look, saying his nose was already looking fantastic.

“The best decision was going to Iran and having a nose job there. I just wanted to say to everyone in the world, do not listen to the media. Go visit Iran. It’s absolutely safe. It is fantastic. Most importantly, it is absolutely professional with no doubt. “

Want to learn more about how we can plan your medical or cosmetic travel to Iran? You can contact our team to get your customized medical trip plan for free.

Now, let’s have a look at the photos of Hadz in Iran!

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