Third nose job, this time in Iran: “I’m finally happy.”

Third nose job, this time in Iran: “I’m finally happy.”

Meet Hana! Our cheerful patient from Dubai. Originally from Ukraine, Hana had a really cheerful attitude towards everything, including her third revision rhinoplasty. She had experienced rhinoplasty surgery twice before, both turned out botched. For the third one though, she chose to go under the knife of an Iranian surgeon.

“I heard that Iran is the rhinoplasty capital of the world and has the best doctors,” Hana told us. Although Iran is the cheapest country to have a nose job in, the affordability isn’t the only reason why many international patients seek the procedure in Iran. The country is also home to some of the world’s most well-known surgeons and Hana knew this. Here is her journey in brief.

Hana and her friend visited Iran with their share of worries and fears. Their concerns, however, didn’t last long as they were warmly greeted and introduced to their attendant at the airport. Hana was even more relieved when she found that every little detail regarding her trip and medical appointments have been scheduled by the AriaMedTour care team.

On the second day of her stay, a nurse visited Hana in her hotel room to collect her blood samples and carry out the necessary assessments. She was really satisfied with the convenience this service offered her. On the same day, she had a consultation with her surgeon. Dr Yahyavi is one of our most genuine and benevolent doctors. He explained everything in detail, reassuring her that he is going to use the most appropriate techniques to provide her with just what she had in mind. This was a relief to Hana who now was really excited about the surgery.

The morning after, Hana and her Russian-speaking patient coordinator went to the hospital. She was really optimistic about the big change and couldn’t wait to see the results. She was also really happy about AriaMedTour services and how she was catered for both before and after the surgery.

A few days into her nose job, Hana visited her doctor once again as a follow-up appointment. She was happy with the result and more than thrilled to see that there are no bruises nor significant swelling on her face. A sign that demonstrates the expertise and delicate manner of her surgeon. “Compared to my two previous rhinoplasty procedures, you made this one look and feel really easy. You have been most helpful. Thank you so much.” She told her doctor in his office

Not only was Hana surprised by how safe the country is, but she was also really excited about the hospitable people and colorful culture. When leaving Iran, Hana said that she will definitely recommend Iran for medical procedures or just plain tourism.

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