The Story of Hazrat about Hair Transplantation in Iran

The Story of Hazrat about Hair Transplantation in Iran

Hazrat is the name of a 34-year-old patient who traveled to Iran to perform a hair transplant through AriaMedTour. He is of Afghan descent but lives in Austria. Hazrat, who works at the train station, speaks three languages: English, German and Persian. He already knew Iran, but it was his first time traveling to Iran. Fortunately, the experience of traveling to Iran was satisfactory for him, and he said that he would definitely advise his friends to consider Iran as a medical tourist destination.

He traveled to Iran during the Corona pandemic and stayed in Iran for a total of 7 days. On the same day of his arrival in Iran, his initial visit and examination took place. On the second day, Hazrat’s hair transplant was performed at Saei Clinic. On the fifth day, a final visit and final consultation were performed and he received the post-hair transplant medication from the clinic. On the fifth day, he also did a Corona PCR test.

During his stay in Iran, he also had a city tour and went to the market with his translator, and bought high-quality Iranian nuts as a souvenir.

On the last day of his stay, before leaving Iran, he came to the AriaMedTour office and took a photo with the company staff. He received a gift of Iranian handicraft, which provides him with a constant reminder of Iran and AriaMedTour.

He finally left Iran on the seventh day. We are happy that he was satisfied with his trip to Iran and that the initial result of his hair transplant was satisfactory.

Hair transplant results are usually seen six to nine months after surgery. It may take 12 months for some patients. You must know that the transplanted hair will fall out within two to eight weeks of the surgery.

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