Belgian hair transplant patient recommends AriaMedTour

Hisham is originally from Iraq and is currently living in Belgium. He has made a visit to Tehran for a hair transplant procedure, which was arranged by AriaMedTour medical tourism facilitator.

Hisham has a lot of friends in Iran, with the help of whom he could have had his treatment in the country without having to have a company like AriaMedTour arrange it for him. But the online communication he established with the company while he was on a visit to Tehran has convinced him that the professional company would organize his hair transplant better than anyone else.

So after a hair transplant procedure was booked for him with one of the most experienced doctors in Tehran, Hisham had his treatment done successfully. Then he called in on AriaMedTour’s office and thanked the staff for the services that were provided to him. The above testimonial video shows Hisham in the AriaMedTour’s office talking about his experience with the company after he had his hair transplant done.

Since Hisham’s family live in Iraq, he hasn’t seen them for a long time. So he wanted to have a family reunion in Iran, and for that purpose, he asked AriaMedTour to book a hotel for them as well as a flight for his family who were to come from Iraq. After the arrangements were made, his family came to Iran and they met, then made a visit to Northern Iran, where they spent a few weeks and returned back to Tehran to flew back to their respective countries.


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