A Nose Job Experience That Surpassed His Expectations

Azad Isaa is a young man of 23 who lives in Austria. He considered getting a nose job in Iran because his deviated septum was impeding his breathing as well as affecting his appearance.

Nose job surgery can be a very complex procedure and, as with any surgery, there are possible risks and complications one must keep an eye on. Additionally, the surgery is also relatively expensive. Knowing his insurance won’t cover the extravagant cost of a nose job in his hometown, Azad had to weigh up the other options on the table.

Medical tourism means seeking medical or cosmetic treatment in a foreign country. When the person’s country of residence offers low-quality or expensive healthcare services, they can opt for an alternative destination where they will receive quality care at an affordable price; this was the case with Azad Isaa. He had made up his mind that he needed to undergo a nose job. But, he also knew he wanted to go under the knife of a high-skilled surgeon who wouldn’t charge him an arm and a leg.

After some research, he narrowed down his options to two, Iran and Turkey. Both countries offer rhinoplasty at reasonable prices. But, Azad’s concern was not so much about the cost of a nose job as it was about the proficiency of the surgeon he was going to trust in. But, how did Azad found Iranian nose surgeons reliable?

Azad was frequently told about the expertise of Iranian surgeons when it comes to nose job surgery. But, as he told us in his interview, he hardly trusts what other people say. The skeptical Azad had to go through many online consultations before he could make a sound decision.

One of the consultations he had was with an AriaMedTour healthcare professional who communicated with Azad in his mother tongue. A helpful and practical consultation was all Azad was after and he found it through the discussion he had with Mohammad. Mohammad introduced different Iranian nose surgeons, their various surgical approaches, and their packages. After seeing some before and after photos and reading other patients’ testimonials, Azad was finally reassured that he will definitely entrust Iranian surgeons for his nose job surgery.

Naturally, Azad chose AriaMedTour to arrange his trip planning, medical appointment dates, and accommodation. Having watched our previous patients’ videos, he didn’t want to miss the chance to have a nose job in Iran with AriaMedTour. So, he packed his suitcase knowing AriaMedTour will take care of the rest.

Once Azad set foot in the airport, he was warmly received by an interpreter who was assigned to accompany him throughout his stay. Azad quickly realized that his first impression of Iran was hugely different from what he had seen in the media. After checking in the hotel, Azad had a rest and prepared himself for the big change to come.

Before the surgery, Azad had to go through some tests and examinations. When the healthcare team made sure everything is ready for the surgery, they sent him to the operation room. Azad was traveling solo and clearly nervous about having to undergo the surgery on his own. But, having an AriaMedTour interpreter by his side made all the difference.

” I thank the interpreter who did not leave me even for a moment, he stayed with me even right after the surgery. Whatever I needed, my 24/7 healthcare assistant and my interpreter would provide for me”

When leaving Iran, Azad told us that although he expected good services from AriaMedTour, the company managed to perform beyond his expectations.

Azad went back to his home town not only with a new nose but also with the memory of experience he will always be happy about. You can have the same experience too. Your journey starts once you click on the “free consultation” button.

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