A Rhinoplasty for Iurri and a Lip Filler Injection for his Mother!

A Rhinoplasty for Iurri and a Lip Filler Injection for his Mother!

Iurri is a 46-year-old Ukrainian patient who traveled to Iran through AriaMedTour for a primary rhinoplasty. He chose Iran because its surgeons had a great experience in semi-fancy noses. His mother, who accompanied him on this trip, also seized the opportunity and injected lip fillers.

Iurri lives in the lovely country of Ukraine and his mother lives in the beautiful city of Milan, Italy. Iurri first joined his mother in Milan, and the two traveled to Iran together. This lovely mother and son stayed in Iran for 10 days.

Although Iurri and his mother had concerns about CoronaVirus pandemic before the trip, the AriaMedTour team assured them that all health protocols in Iran are being followed strictly and that everything is in the best condition. After their trip to Iran, the two themselves witnessed the extreme sensitivity of the Iranian medical staff on the issue of Corona.

Iurri’s rhinoplasty was performed by one of the most skilled and experienced plastic surgeons in Iran, Dr. Yahyavi, in a well-equipped clinic, Yas Sepid, and Yuri’s mother injected her filler in the same clinic.

Iurri and his mother also visited AriaMedTour’s office in the last days of their trip. There, they took photos with the AriaMedtour team and were given a beautiful Iranian handicraft as a memorial by AriaMedTour.

The journey of this attractive mother and son did not end here! With their translator, they also went on a city tour of Tehran and had some memorable experiences. Azadi Tower, Milad Tower, and also Imamzadeh Saleh (Tajrish) were some of the places they visited. These places were chosen by themselves.

AriaMedTour’s staff and their doctor also enjoyed the delicious chocolates they brought with them! Yummy!

Fortunately, they were very happy with their trip and both stated that they still want to travel to Iran for other surgeries.

Now, let’s have a look at the photos of Iurri in Iran!

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