“Iran felt like home, only better!” Our Finnish patient describes her breast augmentation in Iran

“Iran felt like home, only better!” Our Finnish patient describes her breast augmentation in Iran

Kersti Kivi is a kind-hearted and caring woman who was born in Finland but is living in Dubai. An adventure seeker and admirer of exotic places, Kersti has lived in 7 different countries till now.

Like all people who decide to travel to Iran, Kersti had her friends and acquaintances questioning her decision. They warned her about the dangers, which according to media, are an indivisible part of Iran. However, Kersti decided to put aside the fears and worries; and plucked up the courage to travel to Iran for something she has always wanted to do, breast augmentation.

Kersti’s trip to Tehran was not at all like how most people had warned her. On the contrary, she found Iran to be completely safe with incredibly hospitable people. Continue reading to find out more about her journey.

Why did Kersti choose Iran for breast implants surgery?

Once Kersti decided that she wants to undergo breast augmentation surgery, she shared the decision with one of her friends who suggested that she considers Iran for the procedure. After doing some research of her own, Kersti discovered that Iran is actually the second top country after Brazil for plastic surgery. As Brazil is far away from Dubai, it wouldn’t be an option. So, she opted for the next best thing that was Iran.

By then, Kersti knew that Iranian surgeons are highly experienced and fully trained to efficiently perform different types of plastic surgery. She was certain that in Iran, she will achieve the results she was looking for. Yet to Kersti, Iran was still an obscure land with a language she couldn’t speak. She wasn’t willing to throw caution to the wind and go through breast implants surgery without preparation and planning. That’s why she got in touch with AriaMedTour and had us handle everything related to her journey, leaving her only the surgery to think about.

Kersti explored Tehran before her breast implants surgery

The first day of Kersti’s trip involved a tour around Tehran. Accompanied by an interpreter assigned to her by AriaMedTour, Kersti enjoyed the calm yet vibrant atmosphere of Tehran. Kersti traveled to Iran all on her own. But she wasn’t alone during the journey as she had her interpreter with her and they quickly built a friendship.

On the second day, a nurse was sent to the hotel to perform a blood test and other medical assessments. Then, Kersti paid a visit to our office in Tehran to meet with our team and shoot some videos. After that, she went for her first physical appointment with her doctor. They discussed the procedure and the type of implants that could be used. Kersti wanted to make sure the type and size of the implant will fulfill her expectations and her surgeon provided her with all the information needed.

“Iran is really amazing. It is totally different from what I thought. I had a different picture of Iran in my mind because many people say that it’s not a good idea to go there; it’s a dangerous country. But it’s really different and the opposite of what they claimed. Iran is really calm, peaceful, and beautiful. I’m amazed by how people are so kind and helpful. Even when they don’t know English, they do their best to help you.”

Kersti’s Breast augmentation surgery in Iran

On the day of the surgery, Kersti and her interpreter visited the hospital. Kersti was a bit stressed out but more than that, she was excited. She was also relieved to have her interpreter by her side before, during and after the surgery. The peace of mind is an important factor in any successful surgery.

The breast implant surgery took about 2 hours and once it was over, she stayed in the hospital for a few hours. Then, she went to spend the rest of her recovery in the hotel room.

The surgical results were exactly how Kersti wanted them to be. She was truly satisfied with both the procedure and the care she received in the hospital.

Kersti’s kindness

It was during Ramadan that Kersti visited Iran. Iranians tend to give food to the poor during this holy month. Kersti who liked this idea decided to do a good deed by distributing food among those stricken by poverty. It was a pleasure for us to be able to depict this charitable action.

Before leaving Iran, Kersti had two other follow-up appointments with her doctor. She also received instructions on how to care for her new implants. Here is what she told us while leaving Tehran.

“I cannot wait to come back to Iran. I highly recommend coming to Iran through AriaMedTour to do surgery. It’s amazing, you will be supported and truly taken care of. Everything was perfect, thank you so much.”

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